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When your down in the dumps and can't get over the hump, you're Deep In Depression

The day is done and I'm in a muddle,
a complete and utter fuddle.
My mind is in neutral my body in idle.
My house is a mess, my hair is in stress.
My mind wants to blow, get out and go.
My dress is not tight, it’s the same as last night.
The water from my shower hits my skin like gunpowder.
I just want to cry, for no reason why.
Someone please just stick a needle in my eye.
Hell who knows that might give me a much-needed high.
My eyes are dry, I can cry no longer,
but if I cry I may grow stronger.
I'm a total flop, a great big huge disaster.
Yes I know I'm feeling sorry for my ass-ter.
Yesterday's gone; it’s sunk way under.
Today's a joke and I don't even do coke.
Tomorrow I'm sure there will be more of the same.
Who's to blame for this terrible shame?
It’s the clock, the damn clock down the hall,
won't some one get a sledge hammer and knock it off of the wall.
When I close my eyes tonight, will it be my last fight?
If so, I’ll make haste and run to that promised, glorious place.
A place where I will never cry.
A place I'll never feel hurt,
always be fed, feel warm and dry.
A place that flows of sweet, warm water.
A place we all know will love and help each other.
It’s a place that’s filled with butterflies and beautiful flowers,
A place where we can return to our heavenly father.
So I’ll get off of my butt,
and get out of this rut.
I’ll let the water run, pour in suds and bubbles.
I’ll let my toes soak, in some scented soaps.
I’ll get dressed up so I can strut my stuff, off
Into the kitchen to fill the dishwasher.
I’ll wash the clothes and mend those that need it.
I’ll feed the rug with a sweeping power.
I’ll stick that roast deep in the oven,
I won’t even peel the taters,
I’ll just shove them among it .
Then when the evening brings another restless night
I’ll say my prayers, ask him for forgiveness,
and thank him for each day that I’ve seen.
Then finally when I can shut my eyes to the night,
I’ll spend it dreaming of that City in Light.
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