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Inspired by Tolkien's climactic ROTK and entry in Lothlorien Forum contest
The Song of Eagles Above Cormallen Field

A King for Men of Middle Earth, Your King Elessar - his many names given up at the end of the Third Age. The Returned King forged anew the Western Lands
This, then, I say: A Battle Chant in "Strider's" honor, for that day on Cormallen Field

While the vast Lands West held high Men still
They rallied at Mordor’s gate by Mithrandir's counsel
Aragorn's bright star, Anduril, reveal'd on proud Brego hence
Turned Sauron's Eye on his claim; signaled Men’s defiance

Elven princes risked no haven to the Western Ways
To Estel they rode to end this Darkened Age
Narsil was reborn to task Sauron as the Once King faced
And Aragorn did urge them forward, with Elendil’s Sword Replaced

As all Company and elf-kindred stared-down Sauron’s Eye
Legolas’ Galadhrim bow was held taut here at his fellows' side
While foul ranks surged down from atop every hill
Elessar cast them forward with the revived Narsil

Silken banner of Tree and stars to new crownship bloom’d,
Rohan-White Horse, charged to escape sure doom
Dol Amroth banner shine’d with the Silver Swan,
Imrahil, Gandalf, thrain Peregrin, and Gimli, Gloin’s son

Led by one Dunedain master’d 'n shadowy ways
The like of Isildur upon his brow, raised a’Forest glades,
The Elfstone, as an elf-son, and for whom Elrond’s daughter stays
Line of Elendil battled to reclaim that light at Mindolluin

Silken banner of Tree and stars to new crownship proves,
Rohan’s White Horse, galloped o’er mass’d Orc deathly swoon’d
The battle under Dol Amroth’s banner shined yet with the Silver Swan,
Imrahil, Gandalf, thrain Peregrin, and Gimli, Gloin’s son

A single battle on Cormallen Field could not meet the cause
All hope rest upon ring-bearer Frodo and comate Samwise
The Eagles! The Eagles! On columns of air and light
Dispatch the evil grip of death and turn'd the tide

Elf-brothers 'n King’s Company held fast near Mt. Doom
Did aid unseen the Halflings’ unknown final course too
Return of Dark Sauron’s command ring to the fiery depths
Evil upended – Eaglesong rang out, and tears of joy were wept

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