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by Mitch
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Drama · #896958
Written for Halloween short story contest.
         George looked out the kitchen window, watching his niece and daughter play on the swings. The site was heartwarming and, as always, George was amazed and grateful for the good health of the four year old. George was twenty one and thought back to a time when he was just seventeen.

         Halloween was on a weekend and George knew where he was spending his Saturday night. The big party was the big buzz at school. His parents would be gone for the weekend but were allowing him to go the party, after all, he was a senior. The best part was his sixteen year old sister couldn't go. Not only was Tina not a senior, she was grounded for snooping through George's room again.

         Only ten months separated the siblings and Tina had been George's shadow for as long as he could remember. His parents always told him to be more patient and called it a case of big brother worship. When he was younger his friends always laughed at him for having a shadow but these days they didn't seem to mind. Apparently they all thought she was pretty good looking. All George knew is he was tired of her always being around and absolutely fed up with her snooping. At least his parents had finally agreed that the snooping was too much, worship or not. Anyway, George was going to the big party and Tina was not.

         When it was close to party time George put on his vampire costume. It wouldn't hide his identity but still he hoped that maybe, just this once, he could hook up with a girl. He realized he was pretty much average. His height was average, his looks were average, his athletic ability was average and his brains were average. There was nothing terrible about him but there was nothing terribly noticeable either, so he just coasted through the high school social stratosphere noticed by mostly his group of friends and no one else. Of course this meant no girlfriend.

         When George got to the party he acted like any other high school senior and found the alcohol as soon as possible. The host had a beer keg. George doubted the beer was anything special but realized he wouldn't know the difference anyway. He did notice Metallica music playing and was a little surprised. He expected the usual pop garbage. He spent the night drinking and talking with his friends while they all watched the various females flit around the jocks. After a few hours of drinking George caught one girl's eye.

         Feeling the effects of the beer, George wasn't completely sure, but thought maybe she was looking right at him. He looked away and each time he looked back she would still be watching him. She wore a devil costume that was tight enough to show that she curved well for a high school student. The mask was hooded and covered her head and half her face. It had two slits for eyes. She had blue eyes that looked almost evil through the mask, but they seemed to glow and the attraction was enhanced. At his friends' prompting, George went over to talk to her.

         As he approached her some Brittany Spears started playing and the only word that went through George's mind was "oops." Not a good omen. The music was quite loud and he could barely hear her say hello but he could see the smile well enough to know it was dazzling. Of course that could have been the beer talking. People were dancing in one of the rooms and she pulled him along to the dance floor where he tried to dance to The Backstreet Boys. He wasn't a very good dancer, not having had much practice, but she didn't seem to care as long as he was holding her. The music eventually slowed and she pulled George closer. Madonna's "Crazy For You" came on and by the time the song ended they were kissing.

         They kissed for a while and she pulled him out of the dance room toward a staircase. They went up and found an empty bedroom. It took about three tries to find one empty. George was reeling. He simply couldn't believe that this shapely devil girl wanted him to join her on a bed. He started to wonder if maybe he could lose his virginity at last. After all, 17 was too old to still be a virgin.

         The kissing continued on the bed and she began undressing him. When he went to pull her mask off she stopped him and shook her head, but she did take off everything else. George was crazy with teenage lust and his head was still spinning from the beer. Just as they began to make love he started to think about protection, but that thought died amid the passion.

         Once they really got started the ending came quickly; strongly, but still quickly. George collapsed on top of the devil and held her close while they caught their breath. Then he propped himself up with his arms locked out and smiled at her. The smile quickly turned to terror. The devil mask had come off during their love making and there, beneath the mask, was Tina.

         George continued watching the girl on the swings. No one would ever know that little Caitlynn, his niece, was also his daughter. Amazingly she was quite healthy, but she had no parents. Tina never would say who the father was and then she died in child birth. George missed his shadow sometimes but couldn't forget that horrible Halloween. His friends thought he was gay and abandoned him since he never looked at girls anymore. He also avoided alcohol and they liked to party. His parents worried about him but were pleased in one respect. George was the best Uncle anyone had ever seen.
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