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This is not a rip-off from the great poet's work. Do read & let me know your comments.
Harken, will you, ye traveler!
There is a tale untold
of death, destruction and glory;
of a struggle, heroic and bold.
Though gone is that day of horror,
I now do stand here
as the sole witness to that fight;
to the clash of egos and might.

Eons ago here lived, a chieftain,
his wife and daughter.
A happy life they led,
full of fun, joy and laughter
But bad times befell them, Alas!
When the daughter, a pretty lass,
fell in love with the King's son,
the end of the story had begun!

When whispers of the secret love
reached the Kings's ears,
his fury knew no bounds;
He ignored his son's tears,
to his pleas, he paid no heed.
Mounting his gallant steed,
to the chieftain's house he made his way
pledging, for their sins, to make them pay.

When the brave chieftain sighted
towards his dwelling, the King ride,
he knew what was coming.
His daughter he called aside
You forget the prince or fight
the great king's might --
one of the two to choose from
the time, my dear, has come!

The chieftain's pretty daughter
knew what exactly to choose,
My prince I shall not forgo
she said, even if my life I lose!
With that the chieftain knew
what next he had to do.
And that people of endless valor,
braced to defend their honor.

The king arrived and
his sword he brandished.
Beg forgiveness now, he roared
or you shall lie vanquished.
Surrender we shall not, the chieftain said
and with that his men to the battle he led
Horses neighed, men roared;
Metals chinked and blood flowed.

At the end of the battle,
nothing remained.
The King emerged victorious
and the chieftain's army, maimed.
The girl and her kin, in the battle they died
and so did all people fighting on their side.
Every single entity was destroyed, except me;
A solitary creeper, I still stand, a testimony.
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