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a poem about a couple who didn't realize what they had wasn't real.
Wanting to be Wanted

Closing eyes nothing around
Never heard a sound so quietly put
Never dreamed that I would feel this way
Sometime some way there will be a new day

Going through the motions of emotions
Not understanding the full feel of the effect
Hoping, wasting time that some day that it’s met
I feel a hunger, a hunger deep inside
A wish for time that I can no longer abide by

Living a lie
Something that needs to be dealt with
I can’t stand the way I am feeling
It’s nothing but a fatal emotion
A heartache, but not my own

Taunting words and acts of disrespect
Harmless and yet hurtful
Trying to be understood but relentless
You speak, you yell you scream
But nothing heard but the heartache

I wanted to be wanted
Not necessarily did it have to be you
Just someone with some insight
A piece of mind of the right kind
Maybe it was just to be some time

It took what was most important to me
Reassuring you that it was you I loved and no other
I played myself for a fool and I played you
Not with another, but with words
Now you feel out of sorts

A feeling you try to mask by putting on a face
It doesn’t work you can’t hide it
Take a break a break from the hurt
Let it be known that you weren’t the cause of it
But you were the reason it happened

You wanted to be wanted
By someone who cared for you
I couldn’t do it the job wasn’t for me
Yet another will come wanting the same
Maybe this time it won’t be a tragedy

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