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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Romance/Love · #899633
A Microfiction to portray an event of a single moment; one some may feel is controversial.

By Jerry Powell

“Fifty years.” His voice trembled.

“Today,” she confirmed. "It's our Golden Anniversary."

"Amazing," he told her. "After all this time your eyes still shine."

She managed a smile. He glanced away and nodded at the doctor.

"No, no, not yet," she whispered.

"Please, it hurts too much. I can't stand it, anymore. They make it quick and painless."

A single tear edged down her cheek, then others flowed freely and she sobbed.

He said, "We both know nothing ends here. You're my Forever Girl. I'll be waiting when it's your time."

He nodded again and the doctor injected the serum. First, he would sleep.

He gazed once more into her eyes.

"Amazing," he began, but didn't finish.

"Fifty years," she said, "love of my life, love of my life,” and after a final kiss, reached to close his eyes.

Then she laid her hand upon his heart; now still.

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