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A lament of Arwen for Aragorn
From the Shore

“Estel, Estel!”
…My Elessar,
Enyare…“That Day,” arrives
What pain it brings --
Yet it can haunt me no more.

I am the people’s Evenstar
Now enduring love’s loss – as you depart.
Of this Age, they’ll surely sing,
Not feel bereft forevermore.
I cannot reach across from the shore.

In raised voice then, I pierce the air...Ai!
Yet, a hundred years back can be near.
At Evendim’s long nights you swore
Nev’r could your eyes be ’moved from mine.
Despite dreams your mortal end’s inscribed.

A gentle hand you laid ’cross my lips,
“Let us speak no more of That Day to come.
Give time its pace; let it, in us show…
And love more – And love more!”

Now That Day does come when Numenorean
Can no longer seek, with me, that new shore.

Men’s sorrowful song I’m now supplied.
I’d be a bird alight, let me follow by your side –
A brighter song may yet ’rouse your eyes –
Could you’ve now seen those in Valinor?
On a Westward tide, it’s the farther shore.

Your Ranger’s heart I shall call oft to,
Recount your days, Edain
But not for me, these times...O’ Fellowship at end
At Cerin Amroth I make my bed.
My Elessar, My Love….

Elessar, melane meletyalda fean, indonya
Unnecar ay nuruhuine.
Eressea, mene caita
Fir-alda-mea ne hresta.

(Elessar, I love your mighty spirit, heart
Undimmed by Death’s shadow.
While I am shrouded,
The trees die on the shore.)

Ai! Ne hresta…ne hresta.

(On shore…on the shore)

That Day is come when Middle Earth
Is seen no longer from the shore.

Aragorn! Yeah!
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