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by Sarah
Rated: E · Other · Biographical · #902878
Written for the Horror Newsletter, this is my own experience of fear.

As I woke, I knew something was wrong. My bed, usually so comfortable, was rough and cold. I couldn’t find my pillows, and my mattress was scratching me. Confused I drifted back to sleep …

I woke again. This time not only my bed was different. Hundred of tiny lights shone above me. Turning my head I saw dark shapes moving around me. I realized that I was no longer in my own bed in my own bedroom. Although my mouth was dry I swallowed, the sound echoing loudly around me. The shapes heard it, and whispered in the silence. I fumbled for my bedclothes, seeking comfort from the darkness. Nothing. I wrapped my arms around me, tucking my trembling hands into my armpits. As darkness slid over me, the shapes moved closer, sighing and calling to me. I closed my eyes and drew my knees up to my chest, trying to close the hollow feeling in my stomach. Surely this was a nightmare from which I would eventually waken?

The third time I woke the room was light. I slowly opened my eyes, looking for the shapes. They had gone. I turned carefully over. Dawn was breaking over the sky, lighting the trees surrounding me. I slowly sat up, as the awful reality that I was not in my own bedroom hit me like a knife plunging into my heart. I looked up, and saw it. Twisted and broken, shining brightly in the morning, eyes glowing as it watched me. I screamed, pulled back, and a sharp pain tore through my body. I saw my mangled foot and blood splattered all over my clothes. I looked at the car I’d crashed twelve hours earlier, and the thought I was all alone in the middle of the bush filled me with terror. Nobody knew where I was – except me.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/902878-Fear