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my ultimate dream kitchen
Her favorite room is large, about 20 feet by 20 feet. The walls are painted in muted tones of red and brown with patches of yellow thrown in. The floor is made up of large Indian tiles the color of sand. It has floor to ceiling wooden cupboards along one wall, which house a variety of objects.
When you open the doors you will find dishes with all sorts of patterns, not a complete set of anything but a mishmash of styles. Next to them you can find the canning jars and supplies to make jams and jellies. Then you have the sideboard. Below this is the storage for the pots and pans. Above it is the spice shelf. When you open this door you can see the rosemary hanging as it dries and the smell blends with the cinnamon that is on the bottom shelf. This makes your mouth water as the scents of nutmeg and clover blend in and you look for something to eat. On this shelf is every spice you have ever heard of and she can tell you what each is used for.
The next set of doors houses things like candles and wax to make more. She has special racks to make her dipped candles on so that they may dry. She has her soap molds for making her own brand of soap stored here. Then there are the many bottles of scents. She uses a lot of vanilla and rose and lavender scents and there are always remnants of them here.
In the center of the room sits a large heavy wooden table that she uses for all her projects…from making candles to fixing Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people. She has a special area to put her fresh baked pies to cool on and this adds to the warmth of the room by making your mouth water in anticipation.
She has a whole wall for her modern things like the dishwasher and freezer, refrigerator and microwave oven, stove and oven, and myriad of other small appliances. She has her washer and dryer on the same wall that has her sinks. She has a large window, over her sink that faces south into the back yard.
She is able to watch the children at play and to watch the wild life that visits her yard. She can hear the children laughing and the birds singing. There is a hummingbird feeder hanging alongside of the window so she can see as well as hear the beat of its tiny wings.
On her last wall she has a couch, of all things. It is a large overly stuffed brown soft couch that you sink into when you sit upon it. Makes you think of a feather bed as you get comfortable on it. She has two crocheted throws along the back of the couch to cover up with while reading to the kids or just for wrapping up in, to sip hot chocolate on a cool evening.
Alongside of this, sits her sewing machine where she likes to makes fuzzy throws for her children. This room is the hub of her home and she does most of her living in it.

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