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by Gen
Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #903978
Lycanthrope lust and the girl who didn't get away...
"Mad dog running through the night,
His twisted shadow greets the fog.
Creatures leave the woodland path
And frogs grow silent in the bog."

Mad dog growling at the glow,
His howling echoes in my mind,
Putrid panting at my ears,
It is deceit he hunts to find.

His craving a call to blood,
I cannot turn, I do not dare.
My only escape from him
Is in the wolf's pelt I must wear.

I find refuge in your arms
As you slyly shed your lacey gown.
Entwined on your silken sheets,
We wonder at the screams from town.

You crawl into position,
Your haunches pressed firm against me.
Red furrows on your arched back
With a pleasing impassioned plea.

I yearn for your wanton sex,
I love you now more than ever,
Though you are young and foolish,
Your lies not so very clever.

You lay under me gasping
When I detect the Other's.scent.
Rage triggers transformation,
Now begins my deadly descent..

I taste your salty, sweet sweat
As I pin your wrists to your bed.
Foaming jaws take off your face,
Blood bubbles sprouting from your head.

A gash appears at your throat,
Talons bare bone-white shoulder blades.
Out the window leaps the beast,
Your entrails strewn through moonlit glades.

"Mad dog loping through your mind,
Silver and flame, he's at the door
Pleading for his death from us.
Do not heed his undying roar!"

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