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If you got a review from me, this might explain why I wasn't all sweetness and light.
Why Am I Picking On YOU?

1. I only review work I think shows talent.

2. If I couldn't tell from the piece that you're a kid, you write as an adult, so
I reviewed you as an adult. I don't review kid-sounding writers unless they
request it, then they get reviewed on a different level. Not lower, just different.

3. I only review pieces I think show promise, and are worth working on.

4. I don't read bios. When I review, I don't care if you feel blue most of the time, vote for anybody, worship anybody, or eat puppies for breakfast. When I'm reviewing, I'm your audience, not your mommy, or even your friend. When I'm done with the review, then I turn back into your friend.

5. I don't review people, I only review work. If you put your work out and allow reviews,
that tells me you want reviews so as to improve your work. See #4.

6. I am a writer of fiction and non-fiction, and a copyeditor, too. People pay
me money for these things. I charge a flat rate for copyediting, usually, but
it works out to about $75 an hour on average. When I offer to do it here, it's
free as a professional courtesy, for items I think are ready for submission to
the market.

7. I review here because people have helped me in the past, and will continue
to do so. I repay their kindness by passing it on, honestly. I have been a pay
it forward-er all my life.

8. I hate giving low ratings more than you can ever imagine, it's like a stake
in MY heart; but I try to look at it as a surgeon does: it will feel better when
it heals, and thus the pain is a good thing in the long run. It still hurts

9. I never take cheap shots. I try to be as kind as possible. I have been
verbally abused, I will NEVER do it to anyone else.

10. If you were hurt by my review, I'm sorry. If you never want me to look at
your work again, say so, and I won't. I bear no ill will, and I don't mind if
you do, I don't have or want control over your feelings. I wish you well, now
and always.

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