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Winning entry in a 'bad fiction' contest...and Suzanne made me post this! :)
It was a stormy and dark night and Annie screamed out loud. "Why?" screamed Annie? She was popular and she liked to knit socks in her spare time. Annie worried and was alone in her house.

Annie was frail. But she screamed out loud in that dark and storm. She was not that old and her hair was blonde turning brown and her waste was small. Annie worried about something. Her dog barked. Then suddenly her room was brightened by clashes of lightening that bit into her sole in a way that deeply gnawed at her and sobbed wailingly, the teardrops moistening her rosy cheeks and she worried about that time from long ago when it had happened.

Outside her house she knew someone was trying to hide in the bushes and she sat up in bed in a panic state and worried. Her breathes came in deep gasps. Her dog barked again. Annie tried to comfort her dog but she was too weaked to do that. Her withered arm reached out but it didn't work. Her dog, Buster, looked at her with soleful drole eyes and Annie laughed out loud in an uproarious fashion and said, "It's okay, Buster. There's nothing to worry about."

Buster knew that Annie needed help. He barked again when he heard a flash of thunder and Annie pulled the blankets over her face in a quick and scared way. Buster was a mix breed dog and he liked to play.

Before Annie pulled the blankets over her face she thought about how young and beautiful she was when it had happened. She giggled and remembered the time when Buster was a puppy and turned sullenly onto her side. Annie groaned at the pain she felt and tried to clutch her heart but her hands didn't move. Her sea blue eyes filled with tears. And then she gathered up all her strength to pull the blankets over her.

In the murky darkness of her protection she hummed a song that she had sung in days past. It brought her comfort and she sighed in relief, her teeth shined in the darkness, but her condition prevented her from feeling safe. Her blonde hair reminded her of that time long ago when it happened.

Buster rolled over and went to sleep out in the hallway. Annie wondered why Buster did that even though she couldn't see him. Her sky blue eyes moistened with tears that threatened to spill out unannounced and stain her pillow. Her once apple red cheeks turned pale like fresh coconut flakes underneath her blankets and Buster knew he had to do something to help her. He knew that Annie never referred to him as a mut.

The high winds caused Annie to fear a hurricane or a tornado. She was petrified like a peace of old wood. Her face froze in the heat under her covers and she sweat, but she remained calm in spite of what had happened in the past, a past she wanted to forget but she couldn't stop remembering. With those thoughts in her mind she drifted off into a pieceful slumber.

She dreamed of what had happened and several times she woke up in a chilling puddle of worry.

The next thing she knew was the sun shining in through her bedroom window. It was bright and cheery and she felt that she had survived another night of distress despite what had happened to her. Buster barked. She lifted the blankets covering her tear stained weary face and was suddenly blinded by the brilliant light of a new day, a feeling of hope filled Annie.

She laughed and reached out for Buster and was surprised to see that her body had been rejuvenated. Buster barked loudly at seeing her resurrection and he was happy because of his tail wagged. Her arm that had been paltry was now as plump as a chicken ready to be roasted.

Annie hugged Buster and thought how lucky she was.

Buster licked her face and Annie said, "Oh, Buster...my passed is gone." She laughed and he licked and her once ash cheeks turned red like a cardinal in flight seeking it's freedom.

Later that morning Annie died and Buster barked sadly at her.
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