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What could possibly happen to us?
So we're steppin' in
chin deep.
How bad could it be?

Had we known long ago,
we'd have run like hell.

His dictated offense
is the cause of our unrest,
and we're bound to discover
the depths of stupidity.

So when will we learn
that only we can change
the warrior's path on
which we've been placed?

Unless the land is teeming o'er
with loads and loads of masochists,
we'll be struggling for air
let alone a chance to thrive.

So when on Earth will this
stupid orgy ever come
to a merciful end?

It seems to me that
we like to suffer at
the hands of the megalomaniacs
that seek to raise hell,

but as we twist and turn
maybe we'll learn
a way to get out
of this mess.

My, my!
Look at that hawk in the sky.
Check out the nest
of bronze and concrete.

I see the egg shells
once containing
a dynamite baby-
the spawn of Satan.

Its creator touted morality.
How dare he!
Hawks don't hatch peace.

So where's the dove
to signal our salvation?
When will the insanity
be quelled to peace?

All I can do is
watch the downward spiral.
There goes my freedom.
I should've kissed it good-bye.

So when on Earth will
this travesty cease
to wreck our lives?

It looks like we're
bound to be raped
for our meager
earning and possessions,

and as we twist and turn
let's hope we learn
a way to win back our lives.

So call him as he us.
Chant "You're a lame duck!"
As they fall one by one,
cry for him to fight.

Persevere for your way.
Show that order's in the
eye of the delusional beholder
and that his order's a lie.

But the very first step
is to open your own eyes
to the deception being
spoonfed to society.


Come one!
Come all!
Come to read his true words.

Come one!
Come all!
Come to hear his hypocrisy.

Come one!
Come all!
Come to realize the truth.

If you don't do it now...
oh shit.

Too late.

Now we'll twist and turn
as his fires burn,
gaining the fuel
called flesh and blood.

There we roast, and
the fire shall sear
while hypocrisy rips us
apart-limb by limb.

And now on Earth this
orgiastic rage pretends
to near an end.

The truth here is that
the end just hides
a reality much worse
than the depths of hell.

So now we twist and turn
as we have learned
that we are absolutely damned.
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