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Something people can learn from
I ran into Izzy, one of the guys who was supposed to get an apartment, but got in trouble. He found out about me and Jane, automatically assuming that she's just "laying me." All right, cheesedick, just because I'm dating a cowgirl, doesn't mean she's going to go cowgirl on me. Besides, what I see in Jane is something far deeper than most other braindead mortals in the Army can see. She's a lot more than a 5'11" blonde haired, dark blue eyed 20 YO. She's funny, gentle, and tells a great story. She's the one thing that cheers me up after work when I have no one to talk to. And the first person who says "It won't work, because she'll get tired of helping you out and not getting laid" will be shot! And to back that up, she's resting her head on my shoulder right now. The last time anyone has done that to me? A very long time. I don't care what anyone says. I'm tired of taking advice from other people that's just going to make me feel bad or change my self into something I don't want to be. If I have feelings for a girl, (heaven forbid!) and I'm not sleeping with her (OMG how is that possible!), Holy crap! I might actually have genuine feelings, not some stupid ass infatuation that all you idiots seem to glorify. You people seem to think that lust is love, and love is instant sex. HELL NO! I'm not going to ruin a relationship by taking it the next step, then finding out "Oh my God! She's the worst girlfriend ever!" or "Man, that sucked! I need a Russian Mailorder Bride!", dump her, and find out that she's pregnant with my child! I don't know what it feels like personally, but if you want to know, ask my neighbors, or the girl in my barracks who just got her ass kicked this weekend by her fiance because she's pregant, and doesn't know who the father is! So in conclusion SCREW YOU PEOPLE WHO THINK LUST/SEX=TRUE LOVE! Because obviously, a young 20 YO aspiring artist/writer and a 20 YO cowgirl as well as my four friends getting married are more mature than the rest of society!
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