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A future where man has taken into the stars. Merely a devolpment page.
[b]Fictional Empires: Powers that Be (Year 35) [/b]

Terran League: 39 Solar Systems with worlds-
28 Habitable Systems: 27 controlled by the Council of Nine and the capital system Terra controlled by the Emperor
11 Resource Systems: All controlled by the Trade Bureau
Contains three official recognized races: Humans, Cens, and Zarha. Humans have most of the power.
The Congress of Worlds, which is built on Mars, holds both the Chamber of the Legacy Senators and Chambers of the Elected. The Legacy Senators are well established families that have permanent seats in government in less excused by the Emperor and four of the nine chancellors (council members), or by seven of the chancellors. The Elected are voted in by their world quarters.
The Emperor signs any law that he would find beneficial, but the Council may veto or override a veto by the Emperor.
The Trade Bureau basically controls all space lanes and trade within the systems close to Terra. The outer three Chancellors control their own trade and only use the Trade Bureau for Trade to the inner empire.

The Confederation of Four: A Fifteen light-year span of space is controlled by four major nation-states. They are about equal in military might with both the Terrans and the Masonics. They have several habitat systems within their borders including two Terran traitor systems. They have seven races in power, unpronounceable in any human tongue. They are called the Just, the Giants, the Insects, the Tradesmen, the Desmu (Ambassadors to the Humans and speak much like humans), the Spikers, and the Red. The Desmu are ambassadors to the Humans and speak much like humans. The names given are human descriptions. The confederation nation-states are Kloons Hive, the Empire of Gailla, the Desmu Theocracy, and the Republic of Justiana.

Masonic Alliance: The Masonic Alliance is a group of Houns and Sansic planets rebuilt from the fallen Bli’gul Empire. The 400 or so planets defend each other. Considered a major problem to Earth Statesmen.
Note: The Bli’Gul Empire fell at the end of the second imperial age. They had under 900 hundred planets under their control. The Bli’Gul had 5 steward species, among these the Houns and Sansic, 27 servitor species, and nearly countless slaves.

The Greater Rebellion: The greater rebellion is a large group of freedom fighters going against all three major Empires and some minor. They believe the corrupt systems should be abandon and that each planet should go back to self-sufficiency. They have taken control of 14 planets, in open warfare with 29, and have terrorists in almost every system. Their members are mostly descendants of Bli’gul officials and soldiers, some minor enslaved races, Spikers, and human colonists. The greater rebellion is suspected of gaining their income by mining and selling goods to traders. The wanders (Human gypsies, Tradesmen, and Cratton) also sell much to the Greater Rebellion.

H.I.U.B.: Higher Intelligence Unity Bureau, Not much known, they wish to create a super race using the best of all others. They are very secretive and control some political friends. Very influential and rich they be.

Minor Groupings and Organizations:

Miners Guild:

Lnal-Wisen Independent Monarchy:

*Ensi Cult: The Ensi is a group truly of the underworld. Their hierarchy starts with the Ensi themselves, a small council of apostles to a fallen alien prophet, from a far away planet called Ensi. (Committed suicide publicly after being captured by the xeno-griff and tortured but encouraged them to continue along the path he had taught them.) The hierarchy continues with the Ensi Preachers, which are the equivalent to drug lords and bishops, which continually recruit through several ‘Blessing’ drugs. The Swordbearers guard the preachers, which carry powerful blades for ‘Blood Conversion’, change those that attack their masters into drones. Assassins, gladiators, venonauts (given invincibility at the cost of their mind, and free will), prophets, gligers, and xeno-converts come next in the order. Dregs (servants in high society and in high profile places), Bli’Gul steward converts, the teachers, the knight orders, ‘non-blessed’ humans, and ‘blessed’ xenos are is. Tellers, trackers, ‘blessed’ humans, androids, slavers, and Desmu gained a lower echelon among the hierarchy. Slaves, drones, droids, in-house servants, and redeemed Ensi are at the bottom of this murderous cult.
The Ensi Cult sells weapons, drugs, slaves, and other goods. None seem to be more effective in convincing the most downtrodden and harden people within humanities boarders. They command the darkness of the lower cities, and reach out to the poor drawing them into to a mind of unity and bloodlust.

Spacers Guild:

Hawkins Republic: This is where the Human Republic was centered before the Second Imperial Age happened. No matter how much firepower put against it, the Hawkins Republic endured. It was granted cease-fire and independence by both its ancestors. Its small size is astounding when considering how powerful their army is. Many businesses make sure the Hawkins Republic stays free at all costs and will not embargo it, thus keeping it’s centralization important and it’s maverick ways going.

Trade-Union Rep. Party:

Jasin’s Revolt:

Liberation Quadrant:

Civil Protectors:

*Tden Mantis Organization: The Tden is what seems to be an alien humanoid based of the biology of scorpions. Often called Brooders, they implant their eggs into their victims. Surprisingly many are peaceful, despite the war lust of their parent culture, and formed a trade organization under the tribe of ‘Mantis’. They trade the many raw materials found on their worlds for incubators (nicknamed incubi by those that see what is raised in them) to keep their eggs in. They have a strong grasp of many former earth langues, suggesting an earlier encounter with humans. For some reason or another, the favored langue is German, followed by Spanish. They have also proved willing to trade for human slaves and can breed with them, in normal human ways no less.
(Spoiler: Tden are in fact the desendants of a human made android, designation GHR02392-EL. He changed slowly from machine to a biological. Only one of three in the eliminator series, but the first to die it is ironic how his ‘genes’ were the most quickly spread. His tail is even the proto-type for the Ensi Conversion Blade, leaving a plague of blood lusting for a galactic inheritance.)

Singe Mercenary Force:

Shunuk Company:

The Abandonment:

The Breakaways Charters:

*The Velation Empire: The Vela are a success by the H.I.U.B.’s standards. One problem, they are controlled by an alien power. Outbreedering no less, pirates that just came along and seized the factory. Then these aliens changed the Vela’s ‘genes’ so that two things would happen. First, the Vela became loyal to them and their bloodline. Second, the Vela gained the abilities of a race not known by humankind.
The Vela were androids that slowly transformed into steel-humans (a human with a body of living metal). Then came along two aliens (note: they are really the other two elimination series androids), a male, looking like a multicolored poisonous fish (a humanoid), and a female, that took the appearance a feline mix with large forepaws and a slight electric glow (also a humanoid). They gave the Vela a new mind to follow them and modeled the Vela’s form off ruins they had seen. The first king and queen of this empire ruled 752 years, producing nations of their own children.
For now the Velation Royal Army seems to be going towards the Razed Depths, away from the Terran League. At least for now the Imperium can rest easy.



Terra’s Outposts:
It's a moon of a large gaseous planet circling the star called Bernard's Star, which is about 6 light-years away from us. The moon is stuck between the gaseous planet and the star on one side the rock boils; it's a swamp on the other side. Because some gaseous planets are know to give off more heat than they absorb.
Well the proportions will be 25% boiling rock, 3% barren desert, 6% mountain, 4% Tundra, 15% dwarfed Forest, 10% water, and a mix of bamboo forests and swamp at 37%.
There are tunnels under the rock part, colony modified robots to harvest rare refined minerals for trade. The heat isn't as bad underground but humans can't do it themselves
Insect life is abundant on the cooler side, along with moss and lichens.

DREAD Aliens:
• Cens: (T)

• Zarha: (T)

• Ensi:

• Oran:

• Tden:

• Jasin:

• Wisen:

• Just: (4)

• Giants: (4)

• Tradesmen: (4)

• Insects: (4)

• Desmu: (4)

• Spikers: (4)

• Red: (4)

• Cratton:

• Houns: (M)

• Sansic: (M)

• Vela:

• Vela Royal:

HIUB Experimentation:

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