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A children's story written for a contest. It is based on a true story. Very short.
One day little Garret came home from school and Babyface was waiting for him at the front door.


“I’ll bet you’re hungry aren’t you?” Garret said.

Babyface and Garret went inside and got something to eat. Garret noticed Babyface looked different. Her belly wasn’t quite as big and round as the day before.

“Babyface, did you have your kittens?” Garret asked.

“Meow.” Babyface just licked her paw and then her long tail.

Garret searched the house looking for the new kittens. Babyface followed close behind. First, he looked under the bed.

“Did you have them under here?” he asked Babyface.

“Meow.” She just watched a spider crawling on the window.

Next, he looked in the closet.

“Did you have the kittens in here?” he asked.

This time, Babyface just let out a big yawn. She wasn’t much help.

Garret searched the whole house. The kittens were nowhere to be found. This made little Garret very sad. That night, Garret lay in bed and thought about wet little kitten noses, soft little tails and tiny paws.

After breakfast, the next morning, Garret sat in Grandpa’s lap.

“Grandpa,” Garret said, “how will I ever find the kittens now?”

Grandpa rubbed his chin and thought about it for awhile.

“Well Garret, here’s what I want you to do…”

Little Garret hid behind a tree, just like Grandpa told him to. He watched Babyface duck down and crawl under the bushes on the side of the house.

Garret walked over and spread the bushes apart.

“So this is where you hid your little kittens,” Garret said.

“Meow.” Babyface just licked her kittens’ wet little noses, soft little tails and tiny paws.
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