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Epic poem 3 years in making. Exact source of inspiration UNKNOWN. Prepare to be shocked!!
Poetic Prophecy: New Age of Man

By: D. Clark

Cataclysmic diversions bring this quickening plan,
Like blowing eastern sand over this new age of Man,

Slowly rushing up we glide upon this roller coaster ride,
With both hands we grasp the only safety bars at the side,

Further up we climb at new millennium first light,
Never will man escape this ride no matter what day or night,

For twenty-one months after this start of New Age,
Brings this upon United Lands great fear and rage,

Tyranny has brought seven from hell to heaven,
For this day we called for help on Nine Eleven,

Down humanity fell on this great coaster ride,
Great tears fall to earth as man greatly cried,

With this first grand lesson shown to all,
Before a new enemy so great and tall,

Transforms all of man into mere insects like before,
Another event is coming to unlock a second door,

A second lesson comes with no warning at all,
Yet now there comes another great fall,

This great coaster ride takes another great turn,
Upside down this earth shall tremble and burn,

North to south, man grips the bars once more,
Nature’s forces spread furiously from mountain to shore,

Great lands will shiver as man’s heart beats faster,
No weapon compares to natures forthcoming disaster,

From the cosmos a new enemy to bring man back to grace,
The pre-courser shall be calendars end, all must face,

New Age year number twelve shall then set the pace,
Great divine bolt to shatter even time strikes the human race,

For one titanic moment hits instantly by our sun,
Great rumble and radiant shock shall silence mans gun,

All eyes shall look up as man from yesterday is gone,
Questions will come to all of what the Hell went so wrong,

Listen love and learn for what is to come is meant be,
Headlines will be so great as the events to come in three,

These great changes are now taking place as soon you will agree,
By the time you read this final warning with a open mind and free,

Another land shall be engulfed by this one world tyranny,
Setting the final chapter of man sealed like these words of prophecy,

With a true agenda could be why liberty was given to Iraq,
A Heart of Babylon is where this king of terror will impact,

One by one all shall gather for this grand final event,
For greater shall be this new enemy from heaven sent,

From each coming calamity brings forth more humanity,
When wounds bleed a color of one to bring back mans sanity,

A revelation will blind the eye of during the eve of devastation,
For all these lessons must be learned to survive a great Tribulation,

For the earth shall be in great silence as all living stand still,
From trees to flowers birds and bees, all prepare there last will,

Foes now become friends on a global scale during the final hour,
New Age year twenty seven is when the sky turns a fiery shower,

At this time a blind faith hits this entire human race,
As faster this king of terror rushes from space,

A final stand becomes of all man’s last day of Glory,
As a child cries will there be anyone left to tell of this story,

Just as all begin even this great horrific ride must end,
One last hope of power beyond the sun from a long distant friend,

Gives a resurrection of man to replenish and reborn Mars,
For the true secrets lie lock away by icy bars,

He shall look towards his ocean blue home one last chance,
For One titanic moment a light of a thousand suns blinds his glance,

Just as mother earth has seen this great tyrant twice before,
Man was primitive before he shall be primitive no more.

© Copyright 2004 D Clark (thirdcycle at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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