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Short prelude to a later story, about highschool/growing up in sheltered white america.
An autumn deposit of burnt orange leaves swirls in a tornado of confusion through the streets of this suburban cookie-cutter white American town. Each leaf different from the next, equipped with its own agenda, its own story, all of which different but all stemming from the same root. These leaves all begin the same, but we know that inevitably their endings are about as far away as Alpha and Omega. As they grow their roots will interweave with each other forming a cluster of tree's and branches all locked and intertwined growing and taking their own path to their final destination. While making thier journey they may follow the paths paved before them, the much easier route. But there will be those who wander off the beaten paths to folow dreams and aspirations that none of their predecessors could ever dream. Imagine a sea of burnt orange leaves all perched upon their branches as a stiff October wind blows and one bright yellow leaf, high atop the sea of his vibrant orange comrades, that's the leaf that takes the untaken trail, the highroad, there's the winner in the race; but wait, who's he racing against?
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