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Santa's Christmas tree was stolen. Where could it be?
Santa's Missing Christmas Tree
E C Wesch

Santa and his little Elves,
Spirits were so low.
Pacing through the courtyard,
While the swirling wind did blow.

See Santa was not jolly,
Someone stole his Christmas tree.
Now all the Elves and Santa,
Were as sad as they could be.

The tree, it was their beacon,
With lights of green and red.
It led the reindeer safely home,
When all was done and said.

Each child has a special gift,
Waiting in Santa's sleigh.
But without the tree to guide them home,
They'd get lost along the way.

Rudolph's nose was helpful,
When the swirling snow did blow.
It found the farms and cities,
O'er the buildings it did glow.

But in the icy tundra,
Where everything was white.
The brightly colored Christmas tree,
Led them through the night.

The spirit in Elves loving hearts
Gave them joy and laughter.
But seeing Santa safely home,
Was the joy the Elves were after.

The night was getting closer now,
Santa must be on his way.
But fear was in the hearts of all,
And they wished that he would stay.

But the children all were waiting,
For him to come along.
So he could not disappoint them,
It would be so very wrong.

So leave he must and on the wind,
He knew that he must fly.
He'll take the chance and give the gifts,
So the children would not cry.

But a silly site made Santa laugh,
And he almost bust a gut.
When Rudolph's son came dashing past,
Sliding on his butt.

Rudy rose, and walked to Santa,
With eyes, that he cast down.
He apologized to everyone,
And wore a solemn frown.

"I didn't mean to do it,
The fact is I can't stop.
And when I crashed in to it,
The tree took a mighty flop."

"It's still right here,
Buried deep, under all this snow.
I knew that I must tell you,
Before you had to go."

"You crazy, silly, little deer,
I know you wouldn't lie.
So don't be sad, we'll dig it out,
Before I say good-by."

The elves and all the reindeer,
Rushed to dig it out.
Then Santa climbed aboard his sleigh,
Now there's no need to pout.

Soon Santa and his reindeer,
Were high up in the sky.
But little Rudy sat alone,
With a tear drop in his eye.

He knew what might have happened,
Had the Elves not lit the tree.
And if he hadn't told them,
No Christmas would there be.

Well Santa found his way back home,
He was guided by the light.
The tree in all it's glory,
Lit up that Christmas night.

Now Santa had a special gift,
Hidden somewhere in his bag.
A gift he brought for Rudy,
So he wouldn't feel so sad.

When Rudy opened up his gift,
The tears had left his eyes.
That special gift from Santa,
Was a very nice surprise.

A set of four little sneakers
That would fit each hoof just fine.
Made with special grippers,
To stop him every time.

Now every one is happy.
There's only one thing left to say.
"From all of Us, to all of You,
Have a Merry Christmas Day."

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