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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Animal · #914616
This is based off of a recurring dream I've had.
Impurrfect Dream

"Hmmm...This smells good." I was in the middle of a laboratory sniffing the bubbling potions in viles that surrounded me. I held a glass vile heated by the greenish liquid that occupied it's inside. Irresisting the dominant aroma of sweet confections I foolishly sipped the sappy,sweet,potion savoring each sip. I soon felt dizzy and fainted.Moments later I awoke and scurried out into the long corridor. Everything was unfamiliar.I couldn't even remember how I got into the laboratory in the first place. It was very odd that the stone tiles took some time to cross, though when I'd first came in I could cross three with one stride. That is when I looked down. My white sneakers were replaced with furry feet. My shriek during my frightening terror came out as an "EEK!". That is when I realized that the enticing potion had indeed transformed me into a mouse. In disbelief and shock of my new appearance I ran and ran through the huge halls and into a small,round, quarter-sized hole in the stone wall. My tiny heart beat so fast it felt as if it were running without me. Soon I heard voices. The voices were approaching so I dared not abandon my safe territory to find out what was coming towards me. I listened carefully and could not be mistaken that I heard a cat. (Those things that eat mice.) If I have said earlier that my heart was running without me ,,then at this moment my heart had completely left! "Purrrr.
Perry. How many gallons of Magic Fire Fluid are in the warehouse?" said the cat. "Your Majesty, there are 37 gallons exactly. Might I conjure up more?" answered a timid voice. The cat spoke again,"No,that will be all. Wait! I smell something.." By now the voices seemed rather close. "...smells like...mouse. Maybe a rat? Perry put out some Magic Mouse Stunners. I am so hungry!"
"At once Your Majesty." said the timid voice. TUT TUT TUT faded into tut tut t... as the cat and the servant tiptoed away.
I was indeed frightened at what I had heard and seen! Yes seen! The monstrous black striped pink tiger balancing a delicate but sinister looking tiara between the ears was frightening enough, but the gleaming teeth that opened and closed like fitted zig zag blades was terrifying!
The little friendly looking dwarf was no consolation knowing he would help her murder me.
What were the gallons of Magic Fire Fluid for? I had an uneasy feeling that this wasn't a barbeque. Thinking of the dwarf returning with Magic Mouse Stunners I ran through the halls toward a brighter light. As I ran closer I could see green grass far ahead. The sunlight replaced the coldness of the stone floor. After crossing a bridge, I turned around to see what sort of building I had fled from. It was a castle overlooking the sea. How could something so enchanting be so fearful once inside?
The view was amazing! It is if you are a mouse sitting atop a basket three feet off of the ground.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/914616