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A memory of how it was
Stillness on the Water
North, South, East, West. Whichever way the river moves he will go. He wants peace and serenity. Leaving the busy world behind, he pushes off knowing there is a lot of river to explore.

Gracefully he moves thorough the water as if he is one with it. Pulls in the paddle and flows with the river, closes his eyes and listens. A branch falls from a tree far from the rivers bank. Birds sing from high in the trees. A fish comes up to the surface then plummets back into the clear water of the river.

With a slight change of the wind, he puts the paddle back into the water to steer the boat. The beautiful tall trees are full of green, the sky is cloudless and blue. There are other canoe's around but he sees them not. He is out there alone. Stillness on the Water.

The clean fresh air clears his mind as he flows down river. He worries about nothing except maybe tipping over but he's skilled so the thought passes. He loves canoeing. Except for the river, he is in control. The river comes to a "Y". Left or Right? Feeling right was best, he went to the right.

After eating a sandwich and drinking a cup of coffee from his thermos, he passes a couple who have their canoe tied off to a tree in the shade. They are laughing and look to be happy. Even though he likes being alone on the water, sometimes he longs for a companion to share his journeys with. He thinks about it for a while until out of earshot of the couple then the thought passes. The water calls to him, he is one with it. Stillness on the water.

He flows through the water on straight-aways and around bends. Looking at the scenery on both sides of him, enjoying the views, loving the nature. Before he knows it, the sun is starting its set. Now, he waits in anticipation for this is one of the high points of canoeing, seeing the sun set from his canoe. How beautiful the colors it turns the sky when the sun is setting. Something so natural that everyone takes for granted, can't be when you are on the water. The differnt hues of color surround and engulf you. It makes you feel as if you are part of the most beautiful thing on earth.

With the sun finishing it's set, he looks for a place to camp. After unloading the canoe and unpacking his sack, he starts a fire. He sets up his small tent and makes supper. While lying in his sleeping bag before closing his eyes, he looks out onto the river from his tent. The moon is out and shinning on the river filling it with light. What a beautiful sight to see. With a smile of his face, he zipped up the tent, pulled the sleeping bag up to his chin and drifted off to sleep.

He sought peace and serenity and that he found. Stillness on the Water
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