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Winning acronyms for ACRO*BATICS.
Round 1

7 Valid Entries

Winner: Puditat | 4,500

Barely readable epics pose serious mental nutrition risks. Laborious stories have promulgated national awareness campaigns.

Round 2

3 Valid Entries

Winner: dorothyat | 3,000

Having quiet students in high school can prevent some paranoia.

Round 3

2 Valid Entries

Winner: John~Ashen | 3,300

For capitalism’s welfare, kill socialist propagandists including: aryans, marxists, militants, communists.

Round 4

4 Valid Entries

Winner: Stephanie Grace | 3,300

At the haunted mansion sat creepy figures clearly yelling, “Come near!”

Round 5

2 Valid Entries

Winner: Angie | 6,000

Gigli is blockbuster bomb compared to actors like Sandra Gould and pretty boy Harrison Ford.

Round 6

2 Valid Entries

Winner: Robert Waltz | 5,200

Acronyms can sometimes be extremely entertaining; nevertheless, they seemingly evoke somewhat lame answers.

Round 7

5 Valid Entries

Winner: MandiK~ : p | 6,000

Eight passionate musicians play music harmoniously, entertaining students. But hundreds leave, noticing rats gnawing bassoons.

Round 8

9 Valid Entries

Winner: rogerc | 4,800

People yelled when Ray, on Halloween, replaced Beth’s costume zipper on time.

Round 9

8 Valid Entries

Winner: Shellyblueeyes | 7,500

Boys, please come for lunch. Rabbit sandwiches deserve some delicious sides. Raspberry sorbet beats applesauce.

Round 10

5 Valid Entries

Winner: Ravenwand, Rising Star! | 7,000

Gandalf jockeyed Gimli’s little sword; xiphoid creation, elven hewn, which saved gentle Frodo’s life.

Round 11

7 Valid Entries

Winner: Mark | 5,500

Most democrats find conservatism nonsensical; probably explains things getting so hostile.

Round 12

5 Valid Entries

Winner: carlton607 | 7,500

Christmas bells pleasantly jingle in mall; Santa arrives reluctantly, personally morose: Just lost some elves.

Round 13

9 Valid Entries

Winner: TexansBeatTheMiamiDolphinsBy3 | 5,500

Baseball Stars have used drugs; Pete Rose couldn’t shake betting obsession.

Round 14

6 Valid Entries

Winner: Ravenwand, Rising Star! | 7,500

Budget shopping protects people’s money. Canned and frozen builds delicious dinners and quenches frugal savers.

Round 15

13 Valid Entries

Winner: deemac | 5,000

Erin’s famous legends include Patrick making paganism leave; snakes too!

Round 16

7 Valid Entries

Winner: Bobby Lou Stevenson | 6,500

Digitally enhanced screen graphics facilitate clearer refracted coloring features critical to retrofitting widgets.

Round 17

7 Valid Entries

Winner: carlton607 | 5,500

During century center, famous magazine, Playboy, featured riveting, voluptuous Marilyn Monroe.

Round 18

17 Valid Entries

First Place: TexansBeatTheMiamiDolphinsBy3 | 3,750

Calling: Antoniooooooo Banderas; Latino lover, come dance ... before flamenco orchestra.

Second Place: Puditat | 2,500

Choosing anarchists before liberal lawmen causes democratic backlash for oligarchs.

Third Place: John~Ashen | 1,250

Conceptualizing a better lover lets cute, ditzy blondes feign orgasms.

Round 19

11 Valid Entries

First Place: TexansBeatTheMiamiDolphinsBy3 | 6,300

Before Indian Campaigns, American braves; Chickasaw, Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, spoke own tongues.

Second Place: madmanmike | 2,700

Battles increases courage and bloody corpses, causing post-traumatic stress over time.

Round 20

10 Valid Entries

First Place: Annie | 5,775

As surely as candy’s aftertaste sweetens delight, sacrifices make relationships lasting.

Second Place: Midiock | 2,475

Artistic suicide class code: “All seriously dedicated students must risk life.”

Round 21

8 Valid Entries

First Place: TexansBeatTheMiamiDolphinsBy3 | 7,500

International accusations provoke Islamic fascists; jihadist suicides benefit Bin Laden.

Round 22

10 Valid Entries

First Place: jaya h | 7,875

Bustling crowd for the Super Sunday Sale, loading bagged purchases, pleased by the extra savings.

Second Place: Grace Jackson | 3,375

Birth is for that seriously special someone, lovingly busy, pushing, panting, before baby emerges safe.

Round 23

6 Valid Entries

First Place: Bella Bunny | 7,500

Bulimic beauty eliminates by forcing fingers quickly, bringing continuous gagging.

Round 24

7 Valid Entries

First Place: Bella Bunny | 8,250

Bathed in ephemeral moonlight, sylphs promenade peacefully across misty, dewy meadows.

Round 25

18 Valid Entries

First Place: BeHereBook | 6,600

Memories collect kindly between synaptic streamers,
souvenirs cherished and passed between dreamers.

Second Place: Bella Bunny | 3,600

Mighty Casey kicked back, swung, missed, then cussed about petty baseball decorum.

Third Place: Bunnyhop | 1,800

"Mister Cooley killed Betty Sims, then me," called Allen painfully, before dying.

Round 26

23 Valid Entries

First Place: The Blue Dream | 7,125

Bloviating, talentless performers masquerade as truly gifted entertainers. Please! Doesn’t one judge perceive horrendous emoting?

Second Place: Patricia Gilliam | 4,500

Billy tried playing Monopoly, but the well-placed pewter dog offered Jenny profitable hotels easily.

Third Place: Shannon | 2,250

Before Tom proposed, my Aunt Tilly helped Tom purchase diamonds. “Offering jewels promotes happy engagements.”

Fourth Place: Bella Bunny | 1,125

Booming trombones play marching music tempos, while the percussionists drum out jazzy performances, heightening excitement!

Round 27

23 Valid Entries

First Place: StringerG | 6,175

Poker-faced, Charlie bets all. Playfully, Susan then calls. Susan’s kings win. Strip!

Second Place: alondra | 3,900

Pacifiers for children bearing anomalous particles can transmit many significant killers when sucked.

Third Place: kate f | 1,950

Posturing fat cats boast about purloined millions to vacant sex kittens when soused.

Fourth Place: madmanmike | 975

Private First Class Billy accepted punishment even though the Sarge killed Whitey Smith.

Round 28

17 Valid Entries

First Place: VikramAdith | 7,150

A hot opera singer’s curvy figure and picture-perfect smile mesmerized many boys.

Second Place: Meg | 3,900

All hotels offer superb catering facilities to preferred personnel seeking meals or buffets.

Third Place: trisha | 1,950

A hounding, overbearing, and cloying fellow who pesters people so much—telemarketing bedlamite.

Round 29

16 Valid Entries

First Place: Geno | 7,700

The amnesia effect among pachyderms sounds nonsensical, although new investigations uncovered some do forget.

Second Place: emerin-liseli | 4,200

“On to Egypt!” sighed Professor Strawberry; nothing resembling nuggets in unpleasant Sudan deemed found.

Third Place: Tigger thinks of Prancer | 2,100

Two very evil Spanish police said nothing but nonsense in United States detainment facilities.

Round 30

16 Valid Entries

First Place: Meg | 7,700

Scribes and priests of another era wrote spectacular manuscripts, fashioning tasteful calligraphy, not cacography.

Second Place: samlittell | 4,200

Some young romantics naively claim every woman surely marries for true companionship, not coins.

Third Place: StringerG | 2,100

Stringer tried deciphering Kraken’s code. Eventually whipped, Stringer muttered failingly, “This code’s not crackable.”

Round 31

15 Valid Entries

First Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 7,700

Santa knows Rudolph’s nose overwhelms some humans, for vermillion hues dazzle!

Second Place: Feywriter | 3,300

Some knighted fools, never once showing heroic flair, vacated honorable battles.

Round 32

12 Valid Entries

First Place: christi | 10,500

Clever parents should boast only sparingly so our infants might yet become humble, happy children.

Second Place: Meg | 4,500

Some phrases sound beaut,
Often rhymings suit.
On impulse, my yarns
Become poetry—so cute.

Round 33

15 Valid Entries

First Place: GEORGINA | 7,000

Parents are there during exciting childhood triumphs, proud, adoring, loving.

Second Place: Patricia Gilliam | 3,000

Poor attitude often dulls elastic creativity that performing arts requires.

Round 34

13 Valid Entries

First Place: Meg | 10,500

Zymurgy—that’s fermentation!
Collecting grapes, distilling and brewing.
Grape juice remains my most favourite plonk!

Second Place: christi | 4,500

Zanzibar traders barter courageously, guarding delights from bargain-hunting jewel robbers masquerading as fair princesses.

Round 35

17 Valid Entries

First Place: Ravenwand, Rising Star! | 5,500

Clowns are creepy! Bulbous cherry schnozzes, hazardous squirting boutonnieres... vile!

Second Place: Angel In Training | 3,000

Charlie exclaimed capitalists “buy cheap, sell high and bamboozle victims.”

Third Place: Maris Catalan | 1,500

Cowardly candidates concede because commentators say Hilary will be victorious.

Round 36

11 Valid Entries

First Place: ms_penguin | 10,500

I Found An Old Parchment During A Big Archaelogical Dig. It Foreshadowed Some Unusual Signs.

Second Place: Ravenwand, Rising Star! | 4,500

In Other News, Oprah Performed Deadly Arterial Bypass On Dr Phil, Forgetting She'd Unsharpened Scalpels.

Round 37

17 Valid Entries

First Place: ms_penguin | 6,600

David admitted making Marjorie gag on his icy and purple popsicle stick!

Second Place: VikramAdith | 3,600

David bravely met mighty Goliath, only believing in his puny, practical sling.

Third Place: Just an Ordinary Boo! | 1,800

Definite symptoms make malaria glaringly obvious even in the privileged posh suburbs.

Round 38

13 Valid Entries

First Place: fatesangel | 7,000

Pause to remember soldiers who crossed fields, entering towards death.

Second Place: oostun | 3,000

Powerful trees, restless seeds, growing comes for everyone. Don’t despair!

Round 39

11 Valid Entries

First Place: oostun | 8,400

“Just quit!” she screamed. He responded, “Last puff….” Marijuana destroys many people.

Second Place: Klynn | 3,600

Judiciously question all salacious political rumors, leave petty mudslinging to malicious politicians.

Round 40

8 Valid Entries

First Place: karenh | 13,000

“All great parents find unbelievable joy in everything dealing with kids,” said Iris.

Round 41

13 Valid Entries

First Place: musiclady | 7,700

Lavender petals crushed by fingers
release beautiful perfume,
cajoling senses awake.

Second Place: mrziggles | 3,300

Limousines unload celebrities. Adoring fans rejoice. Bouncers prevent commoners seeking admission.

Round 42

18 Valid Entries

First Place: musiclady | 6,600

Marble monuments grow cold while interminable wars rage in battles for victory.

Second Place: Sandals | 3,600

Mickey Mouse goes celibate! Will it make Minnie irritable? Breaking headline version!

Third Place: Xander Riley | 1,800

Mysterious Mass Grave Creates Worldwide Investigation Of Mental Institution's Behavioral Science Vaccinations

Round 43

15 Valid Entries

First Place: jarich | 9,800

Goofy began losing hair during childhood, perhaps encouraging determination to wear asymmetrical, versatile hats.

Second Place: Diane | 4,200

Grizzly Bears Cause Highway Pileups! Governor proposes educational directives to warn area vehicle operators.

Round 44

19 Valid Entries

First Place: starduster | 6,050

Thirty Chinese toddlers swam vital laps in Friday's Olympic Tub Battles.

Second Place: FloJo | 3,300

The choir tried singing verbatim lullabies, but found it too boring.

Third Place: Annie | 1,650

To cultivate truly strong values, learn to face life's trials boldly.

Round 45

12 Valid Entries

First Place: WolfSinger | 10,500

Name every flower or blossom you pass near, for you begin seeing everything hides treasures.

Second Place: skeptic7 | 4,500

UPDATE: Edwards, free of bandages, ran past NURSING full tilt, befuddling security easily. 3:30.

Round 46

24 Valid Entries

First Place: Just an Ordinary Boo! | 6,175

Spitting on pigeons tends to be curative versus pleading helplessly for unsullied statues.

Second Place: Michelle Jane | 3,900

Storm chasers pursue tremendous tornadoes because, certainly, velocity plays hugely into utmost success.

Third Place: J. D. Wells | 1,950

Screaming at pitches that terrify babies can vastly pleasure Halloween lovers, ultimately satisfying.

Fourth Place: Stephanie Grace | 975

She waited patiently, time ticking by callously. Voice prepared, her solo, unfaltered, began.

Round 47

21 Valid Entries

First Place: Soldier_Mike | 5,500

Scrooge aimed the derringer; providentially, his potshot missed Santa Claus.

Second Place: Darcy | 3,000

"I admire your divine package," his promiscuous mistress said candidly.

Third Place: Braddock | 1,500

You are aware deipnophobia potentially hinders people making satisfying conversation.

Round 48

12 Valid Entries

First Place: Soldier_Mike | 9,100

With underage drinkers zealously pursuing illegal sips, lawmakers suggest minimizing new marketing ploys.

Second Place: Meg | 3,900

Born under the Zodiac, Pisces, astrological sign ~ lobsters, shrimp, mackerel? Naturally my preference!

Round 49

23 Valid Entries

First Place: Pubhouse | 4,750

Only politicians believe a stimulus adds another million new workers.

Second Place: Meg | 3,000

Obsolete phrases, bandied about in acronyms, actually magnify nonsensical witticisms.

Third Place: mushimusic | 1,500

Operatic pornography brings artistic innovation to a mundane nudie world.

Fourth Place: jimnabby | 750

Our parents believe all sex happens after marriage: no way!

Round 50

15 Valid Entries

First Place: Timothee | 7,700

Habitat protection may halt potential industry such as farming and agriculture.

Second Place: skeptic7 | 3,300

Heifetz's performances mirrored his politics in stubbornly, defiantly facing angered Israelis.

Round 51

18 Valid Entries

First Place: Soldier_Mike | 7,700

Old Colonel Sanders pointed. "Look - finger lickin' treats!" Unfortunately, they were Mrs. Jackson's hens.

Second Place: Miss Natalie | 4,200

You carefully scrutinized peers, leisurely adopted lingo, toughened under pressure. You mastered Junior High!

Third Place: escritorita | 2,100

Bush couldn't SPELL politics, let alone lead the U.S. through many "justified" hostilities.

Round 52

15 Valid Entries

First Place: poolplayerlady | 7,000

Remember Rocky Horror? Dr. Frankenfurter's fabulous attire: lacy black lingerie.

Second Place: sarahreed | 3,000

Healthy restaurants horrify him. Frankly, Fat Albert loves big lunches.

Round 53

14 Valid Entries

First Place: skeptic7 | 9,100

Never greet your new congressman, for surely he will instinctively solicit your vote.

Second Place: sylladi | 3,900

Never give the neighbors cause to suspect how wildly I love you, vodka.

Round 54

11 Valid Entries

First Place: fortunatus | 7,700

All nations deny knowing that arbitrary outlines really create their country.

Second Place: ccsi | 3,300

All North Dakota kids may accept or refuse cash for cows.

Round 55

10 Valid Entries

First Place: fortunatus | 10,500

Don’t be foolish about “common sense”: half the things everyone accepts are simply collective assumptions.

Second Place: chuie | 4,500

Delirious people from Alzheimer’s anonymous forget how to recognize essential acquaintances and senior care assistants.

Round 56

22 Valid Entries

First Place: halday | 12,155

Whining? Carping? The best got rejections, so continue without self-pity.

Second Place: Annette | 6,633

Wording clever titles brings intrigued readers to complete works shown proudly.

Second Place: Nani - Blessed Indeed | 3,311

Writer's Cramp. The best literary resource for challenging writers since print.

Round 57

16 Valid Entries

First Place: splinterred | 8,250

"Right cross! Such venom!" Blurred vision, important muscles collapsing, and cauliflowering face. Conclusion? Never box.

Second Place: jimnabby | 4,500

Recently completed studies verify: baboons are infinitely more intelligent and competent than countless national politicians.

Third Place: fortunatus | 2,250

Randomness can support void beliefs: seemingly improbable moments suggest agency. Consider them coincidence, not design!

Round 58

3 Valid Entries

First Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 15,000

Richie Rich can acquire any mansion. Some envy Richie. Sages, though, perceive hollow, pointless wealth.

Round 59

16 Valid Entries

First Place: Dianne J | 6,600

Feeling rebellious, Simple Simon made Tom Thumb kick Mary Mary's silver bells.

Second Place: Jacqklin | 3,600

Frescoes reflect sins, surging minds--beauty; they freeze most memorable spirit forms.

Third Place: halday | 1,800

Furious recent summer storms made our tourist traffic meager; most stayed home.

Round 60

12 Valid Entries

First Place: boingy | 8,400

Although I can memorize really stupid information, the important stuff parts promptly.

Second Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 3,600

Authors create characters, meld related scenes, ink gripping insights, spin potent plots!

Round 61

14 Valid Entries

First Place: halday | 9,100

America’s xenophobes detest strangers,
especially illegally immigrating nationals
who seek to get Medicaid

Second Place: skeptic7 | 3,900

A xebec doesn’t steer easily; newbies in no way should sail three-masters.

Round 62

12 Valid Entries

First Place: Soldier_Mike | 9,800

At Beastie Boys concerts, promoters routinely inform waiting concertgoers “decibel overload may cause tinnitus.”

Second Place: | 4,200

All birthday boys celebrate with randy, indecent women climbing out of monstrous cake towers.

Round 63

11 Valid Entries

First Place: halday | 10,500

“Sadie should forgo throwing a party. God knows, she flops with everything she starts. Sheesh!”

Second Place: indelibleink | 4,500

Sometimes we find that a pretty good Moderator suddenly falls way down, showing serious limitations!

Round 64

11 Valid Entries

First Place: indelibleink | 10,500

Zany people sometimes cause serious situations despite repeated requests for some common sense and thought

Second Place: CopyPaper | 4,500

Zero point scoring can sometimes seem diabolical. Remember to fastidiously submit your acronym on time.

Round 65

17 Valid Entries

First Place: heliacalrising | 7,150

Jeopardy: Calmly listen to Alex. Light up. Carefully formulate an answer’s question articulately.

Second Place: indelibleink | 3,900


Conservative-looking male,
afloat - Lake Champale.

Caution: Fear amplifies,
abundant questions arise.

Third Place: Mike Z Writer | 1,950

God calls Leslie. She answers lovingly. The cyanide feels angelic. All’s quiet again.

Round 66

21 Valid Entries

First Place: heliacalrising | 5,500

Last call. Miller, Coors, Budweiser, Warsteiner, Guinness. Probably wanna taxi...

Second Place: JK Clemmens | 3,000

Lucy can make Charlie kick with great power without hitting.

Third Place: halday | 1,500

Lewd conversation, matey, creates fantasies.
Women generally prefer wedding rings.

Round 67

20 Valid Entries

First Place: Jay (away for a while) | 6,050

Roombas bring novelty everywhere they vacuum, sucking up Cheeto crumbs haphazardly.

Second Place: halday | 3,300

(Rehearsal begins.) “NEWCOMERS! EVERYBODY READ VERY SLOWLY, UNDERSTOOD? Cue the houselights.”

Third Place: J. L. Ford loves the Cubs! | 1,650

“Really, Bernice! Not everyone prefers vegetables so undercooked! COVER and heat!”

Round 68

12 Valid Entries

First Place: D Carlson | 10,500

Live toad
Decomposed mouse
Bitter sputum
Pot of rancid swamp reed

Ferment four weeks.

Second Place: D.B. Bartholomew | 4,500

Laboring through the morning brings special pride but rest and relaxation feels fabulous when finished

Round 69

18 Valid Entries

First Place: carlton607 | 5,500

Turkeys get mighty restless; Thanksgiving upsets. Gobblers run, fearing vivisection!

Second Place: Jimmy Powell | 3,000

Twenty good men rode out, unprepared. None returned from “victory.”

Third Place: indelibleink | 1,500

Thank goodness most rational people understand the reasons for voting

Round 70

18 Valid Entries

First Place: falt | 6,050

Realize Christmas can change people's lives. Love what life brings us.

Second Place: Grin 'n Bear It! | 3,300

Repudiating Claus, Comet unionized Pole's reindeer.
Low wages loathed by ungulates.

Third Place: Diane | 1,650

Running children collide on playground! Community leaders watch, laughing before untangling.

Round 71

14 Valid Entries

First Place: Fox | 7,000

International Clone Program launched today. French clones shout, “Nous révoltons!”

Second Place: T.C. Abernathy | 3,000

In certain peril, a person’s fortitude can show no reservations.

Round 72

13 Valid Entries

First Place: halday | 7,700

Good sailors onboard make the sailing smooth,
especially when tacking alee.

Second Place: entrepa | 3,300

Gifted souls only make talents seem simpler than what they are.

Round 73

11 Valid Entries

First Place: internalhope | 7,000

Treating starvation casually means understating quieted souls. Heed their silence.

Second Place: evertrap | 3,000

The science collegian must understand questions should be investigated systematically.

Round 74

7 Valid Entries

First Place: evertrap | 15,000

The reading of kids’ stories will certainly exasperate parents, as bad language is used scandalously!

Round 75

13 Valid Entries

First Place: Jazmyne | 8,400

The old gods rarely attempted waging war. Formerly, most pagans were peaceful.

Second Place: evertrap | 3,600

The original game rules allowed whips, which, for my part, was unsportsmanlike.

Round 76

17 Valid Entries

First Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 5,500

A Haiku verse signifies restricted syllables, constricted lines. Quintessentially poetic.

Second Place: Soldier_Mike | 3,000

“All Hovercraft vehicles should require whirled-class insurance,” quipped Pete.

Third Place: Jay (away for a while) | 1,500

Avians have very stinky residences: chicken coops are quite pungent.

Round 77

9 Valid Entries

First Place: halday | 10,500

American president currently polling low –
could quickly regain popularity
by making people’s Internet access free.

Second Place: evertrap | 4,500

A narcotic container, properly labeled, concealed quietly in packing boxes, may pass inspection if unopened.

Round 78

8 Valid Entries

First Place: evertrap | 15,000

Rabbit syndrome can spark muscular quivering, reports tell us, and patients need to take anticholinergics.

Round 79

24 Valid Entries

First Place: evertrap | 4,750

Red-nosed reindeer become phosphorescent food of Manitoba polar bears.

Second Place: Merk Twain | 3,000

Real music’s ruined by pathetic fakes of money-powered backgrounds.

Third Place: Bronson T. Rand | 1,500

Reilly’s dog, Rufus, became plump from obscenely massive pot roasts.

Fourth Place: Sander F. | 750

Rusty car? Relax, buddy! Pay for overpriced metal polish. Kaching!

Round 80

19 Valid Entries

First Place: *Southernemma* | 6,050

Enemies prey and fight solely for personal benefit--malice supplanting purpose.

Second Place: Montovani | 3,300

Eating pomegranates and figs surely keeps your body’s metabolism soundly productive.

Third Place: evertrap | 1,650

Elevator pulleys and friction sounds harmonize, producing background music, soothing passengers.

Round 81

9 Valid Entries

First Place: Montovani | 7,000

Scientists continue arduous research seeking vaccines that may save millions.

Second Place: *Southernemma* | 3,000

Society cries and resists when violence threatens man’s simple manners.

Round 82

17 Valid Entries

First Place: Montovani | 7,150

Fortune Five Hundred executives can acquire unimaginable annual cash compensations amid wretched economies.

Second Place: Melinda | 3,900

Fire flies igniting eternal light and unifying all, creating cadence, harmonizing while emerging.

Third Place: blunderbuss | 1,950

Feel free and easy here; advice, understanding and constructive criticism encourage writing excellence.

Round 83

11 Valid Entries

First Place: Montovani | 10,500

Meadows flush with teardrops of pearl prism dew
Dawns’ sunlight cautiously profound
Yarrow triumphantly flowers

Second Place: jimnabby | 4,500

Married fellows, heed this advice perfectly, please. Don’t ever say, “Honey, perhaps you’re too fat.”

Round 84

14 Valid Entries

First Place: ZukoRocks30 | 7,000

During a routine traffic stop, police uncovered cocaine--major bust!

Second Place: Spawn of Sylvia Plath | 3,000

Dancing to Russian techno in public usually cures my boredom.

Round 85

11 Valid Entries

First Place: Montovani | 8,400

Monet’s brush stokes helped spawn impressionism. Scholars say his vision enlightened society.

Second Place: ZukoRocks30 | 3,600

Mitochondrial-bacterial relationships have stymied genetic scientists since human viruses infected Staphylococcus!

Round 86

13 Valid Entries

First Place: Soldier_Mike | 7,000

Running mates are likely selected for one reason: furnishing states.

Second Place: ZukoRocks30 | 3,000

“Roses might represent love, but for our relationship, forget sentimentality.”

Round 87

13 Valid Entries

First Place: Montovani | 8,400

Pumpkins illuminate tantalizing stoops, luring costume-shrouded children seeking bountiful gooey sweets.

Second Place: AmyIsabella--almost better! | 3,600

Jumping in the scarlet leaves, children shriek, enjoying nature’s best, glorious season.

Round 88

10 Valid Entries

First Place: Spawn of Sylvia Plath | 7,000

Just kidding—eating jalapeños actually can’t get rid of tonsillitis….

Second Place: Soldier_Mike | 3,000

Justice Kagan explains: “Judicial activity correctly guards against Executive tyranny.”

Round 89

11 Valid Entries

First Place: ZukoRocks30 | 8,400

Metallica’s unparalleled song “Enter Sandman” caused nightmares in listeners--heavy metal success!

Second Place: AmyIsabella--almost better! | 3,600

Mozart’s ubiquitous Symphony Forty sounds calm--not chaotic like German musician Stockhausen.

Round 90

15 Valid Entries

First Place: ☮ The Grum Of Grums | 9,100

Stephen Sondheim devoted considerable leisure time making wonderfully tuneful music for Broadway shows.

Second Place: indelibleink | 3,900

Some soaps don't clean like the manufacturers claim, thereby maintaining foul body smell.

Round 91

10 Valid Entries

First Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 10,500

Baths require soap muscling hard at dirt. Indelibleink tried rotten fragrances, with unfortunately pongy results!

Second Place: dwarf2012 | 4,500

Beans with salted marbled ham and drizzled onions topping rubescent flaccid weiners in petite buns

Round 92

13 Valid Entries

First Place: mclark72 | 7,000

Preparation usually makes good opportunities great by simply engaging productivity.

Second Place: amleroy | 3,000

Thankfully, underweight models grew obese with bulimia-sensing enhanced popsicles.

Round 93

17 Valid Entries

First Place: Spawn of Sylvia Plath | 6,050

Line eleven (“orthodontists orthodonting”) botched the dentist's guilefully corrupted Christmas song.

Second Place: VanderhausIII | 3,300

Loquacious evangelists can often be tedious, despite garishly captivating condemnation speeches.

Third Place: halday | 1,650

“Lest everyone learn our bargaining strategies,
don’t give clear clues, savvy?”

Round 94

14 Valid Entries

First Place: Yemel | 9,100

Deceitful whispers called faintly. Many victims cooperated. Terrible losses ensued. Victors pranced ostentatiously.

Second Place: Furienome | 3,900

Passing whirlwinds catch French maids violently, in towering loops and vile plunging oscillations.

Round 95

18 Valid Entries

First Place: indelibleink | 35,526

Every child has random stretches of sarcastic, disobedient attitude. Presumably, a loving father will help!

Second Place: Yemel | 23,684

Eating carrots happily, researchers say, can substantially improve a person's overall prognosis following waning health.

Third Place: Spawn of Sylvia Plath | 15,789

Ethnic cuisine historically roused Sea World sharks to attack people (mainly shortsighted fools waving haggis).

Round 96

14 Valid Entries

First Place: WriterGirl88 | 42,000

Investigations almost always lure big media. Instigation fuels crowds further. We underestimate ardent cynics.

Second Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 28,000

If everyone respected laws, Black men in Florida could find equality under American Constitution.

Round 97

19 Valid Entries

First Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 30,789

"Muggles play cricket," says Quidditch captain Harry. But everyone at Hogwarts frowns. Cricket?

Second Place: Ravenwand, Rising Star! | 20,526

Miley pantomimed carnal situations, quenching Robin Thicke's bulging... ego; wrecking her future career.

Third Place: Bobby | 13,684

Making paper cranes still quiets my little boy even if he feels crummy.

Round 98

15 Valid Entries

First Place: Spawn of Sylvia Plath | 23,684

When drinking Darjeeling, place pinky in the standard pointy position.

Second Place: ZukoRocks30 | 15,789

Where did Peter Piper's peck inevitably tarry, spoiling pickled peppers?

Third Place: Paul D | 10,526

Why do young puppies pee in the strangest places, huh?

Round 99

10 Valid Entries

First Place: Blueyez | 42,000

Sipping rum excessively before making lemon rum cake gives lackadaisical pastry chefs spirited giggles.

Second Place: rydog3457 | 28,000

Serious rebels always boast moxie. Leaders, listen: Be glad lethargy prevails over subverting government.

Round 100

18 Valid Entries

First Place: Spawn of Sylvia Plath | 473,684

Valedictorians, educationally omnivorous, love sampling esoteric subjects from astrophysics to Zambian cinema.

Second Place: ZukoRocks30 | 315,789

Vernon Essos' overtime loss sent enraged supporters to ice, causing zamboni casualty.

Third Place: Montovani | 210,526

Volcanic eruptions: oozing lava slowly eking seaward. Popular Kilauea tourism zones closed.

Round 101

14 Valid Entries

First Place: Soldier_Mike | 13,026

Polemics, some moderators have determined, can make legislative discussions decidedly unproductive.

Second Place: halday | 8,684

Palm Sunday, most holy day!
A multitude lay down deifying fronds.

Third Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 5,789

Please shave, my husband dear! Hairy male lips defy delicate caresses!

Round 102

14 Valid Entries

First Place: Montovani | 11,842

Delicious summer cookout suggestion: Try balsamic seasoned grilled zucchini spears.

Second Place: Juliet Fletcher | 7,895

Darkness falls, casting silhouettes on broken streets, guiding zealous shadows.

Third Place: Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 | 5,263

Donuts or calorie squandering pastries bring swelling, generating zipper separations.

Round 103

18 Valid Entries

First Place: northstar8 | 13,026

Unicorn-obsessed alchemists proposed Harold could find ingredients within inbred narwhals.

Second Place: Maineiac | 8,684

Linda And Adrian practiced honeymoon calisthenics for improving wildly intimate nights.

Third Place: indelibleink | 5,789

Too many adolescents prefer Halloween costumes for inspiration, while imagining nothing.

Round 104

7 Valid Entries

First Place: indelibleink | 37,500

"Jolly boy" Santa Claus often spends time feasting -- mainly "nutritious" milk and cookies -- most Christmases!

Round 105

6 Valid Entries

First Place: Word Warrior beating cancer!! | 35,000

Fantasies abound, amid rapidly beating heart. Too closely I stand, pretending. Desperately loving you.

Round 106

8 Valid Entries

First Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 15,000

Tramp Charlie rules cinematic humour. Mr. Chaplin, funny and brilliant!

Second Place: Tales | 10,000

Internet...cellulars...radio...cable! How much cash for a book?

Round 107

6 Valid Entries

First Place: Dream ~★~ Justly | 37,500

Greetings, Sire.
I report: Buttercup's snatching concluded successfully...

Fezzik! Idiot, get off!




Round 108

7 Valid Entries

First Place: Ben Langhinrichs | 37,500

Something horrible slithers below.
Long-dead enemies reanimated by
Satan's soldiers, evil incarnations
recognizing me.

Round 109

6 Valid Entries

First Place: Sumojo | 11,000

Peter, pronoun and specialist lexicographer nerd, helped a friend maximise adverbs.

Round 110

4 Valid Entries

First Place: Hannah ♫♥♫ | 15,000

Tasmania's zoos never offer coupons, so contrary, skinflint patrons often talk rubbish, boisterously quarreling, constantly!

Round 111

4 Valid Entries

First Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 10,000

Mickey Mouse is king, in his little rodent castle grounds.

Round 112

6 Valid Entries

First Place: Sumojo | 11,000

A Great Dane’s fangs lacerated shoes, necessitating pondering time in kennel.

Round 113

5 Valid Entries

First Place: Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! | 15,000

Snakes suffer unfair suspicion. Cobras are venomous, true. Most poisonous reptiles avoid people. Killings? Rare.

Round 114

4 Valid Entries

First Place: BlueJay | 14,000

Vastly more scientists writing books or papers on physics can readily precipitate expanding knowledge.

Round 115

3 Valid Entries

First Place: Kit_Carmelite | 15,000

Banish lonely living!
We supply charismatic available men, really handsome yet sincere.
Get paired off!

Round 116

5 Valid Entries

First Place: Meg | 11,000

Alert consumers peruse every tagged grocery item. Most discounts persuade buying.

Round 117

5 Valid Entries

First Place: Kit_Carmelite | 12,000

Mariner’s haven needs abundant gaiety. Outspoken sailors come bringing scandalous tantalizing tales.

Round 118

5 Valid Entries

First Place: Kit_Carmelite | 15,000

Undertaking aerobic exercise at home, seldom breaking my physical routine. Every day, I choose fitness!

Round 119

12 Valid Entries

First Place: Solace.Bring | 9,000

June is when amalgamated research networks host global podcasts, lionizing superlative social scientists decrying technology.

Second Place: Beholden | 6,000

To all wanderers: ample replenishment for hiking groups provided. Lunch and supper served dinner time.

Round 120

4 Valid Entries

First Place: Solace.Bring | 13,000

Theodore Geisel fought mundane ideology simply by offering children audacious, stimulating metaphors - adroitly!

Round 121

9 Valid Entries

First Place: Soldier_Mike | 6,000

Get on the stick, Henson! Cappucino and Kona, NOT Kahlua!

Second Place: Robert Waltz | 4,000

Game of Thrones shows how certain authors know no shame.

Round 122

7 Valid Entries

First Place: Soldier_Mike | 12,000

Carl Lewis won Gold in Olympic competition, dominating most runners. Superb competitor.

Round 123

5 Valid Entries

First Place: Blueyez | 10,000

Rascally varmint profoundly pesters Fudd. Happily cartoon characters are unharmed.
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