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One of the many poems I have written concerning a life changing experience I had....
You told me that you would never hurt me
Told me I am all that you need to be complete
Told me you want to spend the rest of your life with me
Told me you love me

........But something is amiss

As I wipe away a tear from my eye as i think of what you did to me
As I look at my reflection in the mirror, I see how much you love me

A bruised lip, a bruised face, a black eye
Is how you show me you love me
Hurting all over, begging you to stop hitting me
Is how you show me I am all you need in your life
Telling me that you could do better
Is how you show me you would be there for me

Is this how much you love me?
That you continue to hurt me physically
Torture me mentally
Tear my soul apart

I love you, but never have I done any of this to you
I want you, but never have I told you I could do without you

Love is not about hurting the person you love
But you hurt me constantly
Love is not about beating the person you love
But you strike me as if on command

Maybe I'm wrong
Maybe I'm the one who is confused
What I thought was love is not love at all
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