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Tommy gives his little sister a haircut she does not like. What will his mother think?
          “Stay still, Carol Ann,” said Tommy. He used both hands to close the scissors as the slight crunching cut through Carol Ann’s thick brown curls.

          “Look, Carol Ann,” said Tommy, smiling, “I told you I could cut it just like Mother does.” Tommy passed a blue hand mirror to her. He smiled widely showing a dimpled grin. His big brown eyes sparkled. Tommy stood back and viewed his work. “Mother will be so happy," he said, "We’ll look our best for the shopping trip this afternoon.”

          “My curls! You cut off my curls! Mommy!” cried Carol Ann. A tear slipped down her cheek. She dropped the hand mirror.

          Tommy flinched as he heard the glass crack.

          “You asked me to do it,“ he said, staring at Carol Ann. “I can fix it! I can put it back, Carol Ann. Please don’t cry,” said Tommy.

          Tommy went to the big brown desk. He quickly returned with a roll of clear tape.

          “Now, sit still, Carol Ann,” said Tommy. He picked up several soft brown curls from the floor. Tommy carefully taped the curls back on to Carol Ann’s hair. Just then Tommy heard soft thumps coming down the stairs. He hid the tape in his back pocket.

          “Carol Ann? Did you call me?” said Mother. She looked down at Carol Ann. “My goodness, Carol Ann, what have you done to your hair?” she asked. She turned to Tommy.

          He was looking at the floor. Should he tell her? He remained silent.

          “Carol Ann? Why did you cut off your curls?” asked Mother. Carol Ann shrugged her shoulders. She sniffled and began to cry. Mother looked back to Tommy as she hugged Carol Ann.

          “Tommy, how did she get the scissors?” Mother asked.

          “Maybe she found them.” Tommy said. He shrugged his shoulders and shuffled his feet. He knew it was wrong to lie. He turned away and Mother saw the tape in his pocket. She turned to Carol Ann and inspected her taped on curls.

          “Tommy, go to your room. You will not get to go shopping with us. You need to think about the rules you have broken and what you have done wrong,” said Mother.
“That’s not fair! She wanted me to do it,” said Tommy. He sighed and stomped up the stairs to his room.

          Tommy flopped down on his bed and cried. He had been bad and gotten out Mother’s scissors. He’d cut Carol Ann’s curls off. Then he had lied. Tommy sat up and looked at the dinosaurs on his pillowcase.

          They reminded him of the green plastic triceratops bank on his shelf. He looked at the bank and frowned. Tommy had been saving money to buy a cosmic space defender toy. Now he couldn’t go shopping. Mother was upset with him and Carol Ann was crying.

          Later, Tommy’s mother opened his door. “We’re going shopping now. Have you thought about what you‘ve done?” she asked. Tommy nodded and crawled up to his shelf on the wall. He carefully took the bank down off the shelf. Tommy handed it to his mother.

          “Tommy, you can’t buy yourself a toy,” Mother said.

          “I don’t want one. Please buy Carol Ann a pretty hat,” said Tommy, “Maybe it will help her feel better.”

          Mother hugged Tommy. “I am very proud of you," she said, "Let’s go buy your sister a new hat.”

          Mother noticed Tommy smile as they were shopping for Carol Ann’s new hat. “Why are you so happy?” she asked.

          “I get to help Carol Ann until she grows her curls back,” said Tommy.


Many thanks to Cubby Smiles for her review to help make this a much better story!
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