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A list of the short stories that relate to setting & character development in my novel
At present, I am working on a novel, which I will not be posting on Writing.com. However, I decided to try to develop several short stories. There will be one around each of my main characters (at least two, and I suppose I should develop my villain, as well, eh?). My novel is also going to be about time travel, so it will take place in various historical locations. Thus, I will have a third section devoted to stories in various locals.

I have a folder put together to hold these novel developing stories. It would mean a great deal to me if you could check them out. Avlthough I am seeking info on all aspects of my stories, I am most concerned with realistic characterization in the character batches (and whether or not said characters are consistant throughout), and realistic historical settings in my setting batch. Still, one day, I may decide to try to publish these as stand-alone short stories in some form, so please critique me on all aspects; the characterization and setting are just the two most urgent.

Incidentally, I will add to this list as I write the stories, so it will be constantly updated.

Again, thanks!


5,848 words
 The Conference  (ASR)
Trouble at school mandates Caroline's first parent-teacher conference.
#924326 by Scottiegazelle

886 words
 A Modern Day Prometheus  (13+)
A relic of times past inspires Caroline to fulfill her dreams
#1002480 by Scottiegazelle

1,424 words
 Isolation  (ASR)
A new future beckons; can she overcome her isolation?
#927352 by Scottiegazelle

4,698 words
The Water Slide  (ASR)
Jonathan just wants to build the best water slide ever. Why is his brother so upset?
#925649 by Scottiegazelle

2,839 words
Snowfall  (ASR)
It never snows in Southern Alabama, and Jonathan's broken his leg.
#926412 by Scottiegazelle

2,928 words
The Crystal Ball  (ASR)
Seven year old Alex needs some magic help; can the crystal ball save him?
#929387 by Scottiegazelle


Coming soon! I don't know when, but someday! *Wink*
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