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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Fantasy · #925073
An attempt to what will be the end of my first fantasy themed story.
illumination of the darkness

Dark Praxis

He sat upon a fell log waiting for her. Unaware of the damp moss he sat on. He wondered if she was going to come? They hadn’t made this plan, they had only a locked gaze and a conversation about the social code of love and sacrifice. “However elves regard love as being the greatest force of nature, that life was second and for love one must sacrifice immortality, so nature doesn’t give one too much of itself. That a soul mate would be a friend in an eternal life that shared a burden of sacrifice of immortality that each would make for the other. But I don’t want to make that commitment, yet, but… Well I must go as I’ve to go get a basket to go picking blackberries. See you soon.”

So he waited in the clearing upon the fell log that separated the strawberries from the blackberries.

He’d wanted her from the first sight. He loved how she’d tended to his wounds yet found it charming that she didn’t want him to feel that this is all she was. That she was a ranger and could handle any thing the forest were to throw at her if it felt a need to attack her.

Then she arrived through the rim of the clearing, yet coming from a path that was beyond this clearing and the camp. He could see in her walk that she wished to show everything of herself to him. Her movement rolled by her desire. He remained seated just watching as she came closer, her eyes fixed on him, her mouth slightly parted and breathing deep and shallow.

She came to him still without a word and straddled herself across him. She kissed him, her tongue, moist, salivated his where it was dry. He held her closer feeling her chest rise into his with each of her warm breaths that entered his chest.

She ran her left hand though her hair, yet still entered deeply within the embrace as each tongue teased the other and salivated one another further. His hair still knotted from not had having a chance to go to the pool and bath yet trapped her fingers making her pull him away from the kiss, even though he pulled against the pain she caused him to try to kiss her further.

The kiss only stopped this once, whilst their attention was needed elsewhere for one moment. Relieved in that moments pleasure she half lowered her eyes without a squint and made a slight moan with her next shallow breath, drawing it out for a moment longer. She fully opened her eyes and looked fully at him and moved herself looking at his eyes looking at hers. Seeing everything she felt reflected in his eyes she closed her own and kissed him as before.

She didn’t have any plans beyond this moment. She’d lived her life in fear and curiosity of it but now here she had no thoughts or expectations that had once formed her hesitations. Just perfection. He’s desire for her equal to hers for him. She had no idea of the love of poems. Just him, her and this.

Her need to grasp something she clenched her fist, like her body to his hair but afraid he’d stop again she took hold of the next thing there, the blackberry bush. She felt the buries implode within hand. The juices escaping through hole were the branch ran through her tightened grip. Yet what she failed to realise that it was something of her that ran through her fingers, not the berries juices.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/925073-Cyra---illumination-of-the-darkness