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It is about a dog who got stuck on the moon
         Once upon a time there was a dog named Wishbone. He is a cool dog and I will tell you a short story about him because I have to go to a party. So here we go. There is a dog named Wishbone. He is quite amazing himself. He can do flips and dips into the pool and on regular ground. Cool huh. Oh - he can also play dead and look dead. Sometimes I get scared that he is really dead.

         He can do the most bizarre things like catch the frisbee even if I throw it 150 miles away from me. Counting him going to get the frisbee and come back it adds up to 25 minutes. I bring him to shows and show that he can jump to the moon on the trampoline and come back 26 minutes later. One day, Wishbone was just jumping regularly on the trampoline and he accidently jumped to the moon. He was thinking he would come back down but he landed on the moon.

         "How did I get here?" Wishbone said quietly because the moon was sleeping. The moon woke up because of Wishbone's cold feet. The moon woke up and shoke Wishbone. "Huh what is going on?" Wishbone asked himself.

         "You woke me up." Said the moon.

         "Oh sorry."

         "That is fine but how did you get stuck on me?" said the moon.

         "I don't know. Well I am pretty tired." said Wishbone.

         "Oh I see now." said the moon.

         "Hey, I was wondering if you could bring me home." asked Wishbone.

         "Well, I don't like going to the ground but since I want to be nice I will." said the moon.

         "Oh you don't have to." said Wishbone.

         "Well, I want to because I want to get away from those aliens," said the moon.

         "A-a-a-a-a-aliens! Ok m-m-maybe I-I w-want to leave," said Wishbone as if he was getting attacked by one right now.

         "Ok here I go."

         They zoomed down to Wishbone's house and they all got what they wanted.


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