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An opinion on different genres of writing.
Are you a writer? An occasional poet? Perhaps a novelist? Or are you one of thousands who find themselves intensely fascinated by words and how they interact, but have yet to try your hand at creating a piece of literary art? Have you ever wanted to build your own characters inside a world that you alone created, taking them to places that you’ve only visited in your dreams?

I’m a fairly new writer. Sure I’ve dabbled in the pool of words over the years, but it wasn’t until the Spring of 2001 that I began to write seriously. Even though I chose to begin my foray into the world of creative writing through Fan Fiction, I found it to be just as motivational, just as educational and just as valuable as many would find the world of novel writing.

To say that I was surprised to find a talent previously untapped would be a vast understatement. It was interesting to find that with the completion of each story the quality of the next endeavor increased remarkably. I have also found that writing is so much more than just putting words on paper. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past 3 years that stands out, pleading to be recognized, it is this; unless you write from your soul, any piece that you create will always have a shadow of emptiness that sometimes cannot be explained. Whether it is drama, mystery, romance or mindless fluff, a true writer will give a bit of him or herself to the reader in one form or another.

In mystery, you give that part of yourself that feeds on the unexpected. In drama, it is your imagination... your ability to create a range of emotion while keeping the reader interested to the very end. In comedy, what you give is a chance to change a moment of sorrow into the relief of laughter. How did it make you feel the last time you heard someone laugh because of something you shared? Laughter is a treasure that we all must have in life.

However, I believe it to be the writing of romance that tells the most about the writer. The writing of romance has the ability to pull from the writer a wealth of emotion that would normally, in the course of every day life, stay hidden behind walls of protective indifference. To take a pen and describe a look of adoration, a kiss, or a simple touch... unless you have experienced those things you cannot describe them to a reader and expect them to feel what you felt in the moment... what you intended for them to feel as they absorb your words.

Romance comes from the heart and soul. It is so deeply personal... so rich in reward... filled with endless possibilities. I choose to write drama and romance because it not only touches the heart of the reader but opens my own heart as well. If it is written true enough, the reader will find themselves reaching up to brush away a stray tear, or find an unexpected smile waiting to be shared. And if truth be truly known, not only is their heart touched, but yours is as well. It is a mutual blessing brought about by the marriage of pen and paper, heart and soul. A gift given... received... and treasured.

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