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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #927497
A story about a little girl and her turtle. I used a frog because I can't find a turtle.
This is dedicated to my close friend Gretel in honor of her mother who died two years ago and she had a pet turtle. I hope this will meet your expectations.

Elizabeth loved going to the Pet Store with her mother Ophelia. They bought Bella's cat food here and toys for the pampered female cat. Bella was a cream Tabby cat adored by the family.

Today was different. Cute, dark green water turtles in a large bowl caught Elizabeth's eye. The eight year old girl was all excited. "Mommy! Look! Turtles!" She had never seen turtles outside of pictures and on TV.

Ophelia smiled. "Yes, Dear. The turtles are cute."

"May I have one? I promise to take care of it. Please, Mommy! Please!" Elizabeth's eyes were so bright that they danced.

"Sweetie, you already have a cat. Maybe later when you're older."

"Mommy, the turtles are so neat. I just have to have one!"

Ophelia sighed. It was hard to say no to her little girl so she gave in. The Pet Store Manager, Mr. Morgan helped them pick out a large bowl, turtle food, a calcium block shaped like a turtle to help keep his shell hard, a little plastic palm tree and gave Elizabeth a pamphlet on How To Care For Your Turtle. She picked out the smallest turtle in the bunch. She named him Michaelangelo after the famous painter.

Ophelia and Elizabeth bought the turtle home and the other items they had purchased. They set the bowl up and Elizabeth put the turtle in the bowl. First, she showed him to Bella. Kitty sniffed it and then ran under the bed.

"Bella! He is our new friend. That isn't very nice." Elizabeth couldn't believe the cat's attitude. Bella did come out later and looked at the turtle. She sniffed it again. Elizabeth put the turtle and his bowl on the dresser. She was so happy with her new friend.

The next few days, Elizabeth took real good care of the turtle as she had promised. One day, her parents went to the Beach. She wanted to bring the turtle along but her mother said "No." He was a house turtle and if she took him to the Beach, he would go into the lake and she would never see him again. So, the turtle stayed home.

Elizabeth did take the turtle to Show and Tell at school. The other children thought he was so cute. Elizabeth thought he looked lonely. When Bella came around Michaelangelo, he would go into his shell. The same thing happened when Elizabeth tried to pet him. The turtle wasn't the pet that the little girl had hoped for.

"Mommy, Michaelangelo is boring. I read him stories and let him see my stuffed animals and he hides in his shell all the time. I made a mistake. He isn't happy here. I think he was crying the other night."

"Honey, he's a turtle. They don't cry. Maybe we should have left him at the Pet Shop." Ophelia patted Elizabeth's hand.

Elizabeth nodded. A few days later, Elizabeth's father Frances took her and her mother to the Zoo. Little Elizabeth loved seeing the tigers, lions, elephants and all the animals. She was really impressed by the Turtle Display. She saw big turtles and little turtles that looked like Michaelangelo. The turtles were swimming and having fun.

"Mommy, do you suppose that Michaelangelo would like it here?"

"I think he would. Let's go talk to the Zoo Keeper. Maybe they will want another little turtle." Ophelia took Elizabeth's hand and talked to one of the Zoo workers about the turtle. The Head Zoo Keeper said he would love to have another little turtle.

A few days later, Elizabeth and her mother went to the Zoo and gave them her turtle. Elizabeth kissed the turtle Good-Bye as she handed the turtle to Paul, the Head Zoo Keeper. Michaelangelo was so happy when he saw the other turtles. He had a giant aquarium to swim in and he was in Turtle Heaven. Elizabeth knew she had made the right decision.

Elizabeth missed her turtle but Bella would sleep on her bed and give her kisses as she petted her. Turtles were cute but Bella was a better pet. She would never want any pet except her kitty. Elizabeth saw Michaelangelo at the Zoo from time to time but she was a kitty person. She would never forget her turtle. He was a good memory of her life.

Beautiful Poser of me by best friend Angel.
© Copyright 2005 Princess Megan Rose (tigger at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/927497