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Some people are cowards they rate a 1 and run....
          Cowards infuriate me. Not just any cowards, because sometimes common sense looks like cowardice to some people. I am talking about the ones that rate a review a 1 and then don't have the guts to say who they are or why they are giving it a 1.

          The first thing that comes to mind is did this person give it a 1 because it really deserved one or because that person is just spiteful. Maybe that person is jealous of my writing ability and their lack there of. Is my writing really so horrible as to deserve a 1?

          If it really deserves that rating, don't be a coward, tell me to my face. Then if you have the guts to tell me the truth, tell me how to improve. If you come at me with honest and constructive criticism, I will thank you in the long run. It would be for my own good, but when you side-swipe me, all it does is make me mad and make me question my writing ability.
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