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When i got dumped I vented my rage through writing and this is the result
I’ve hit rock bottom and shattered to pieces
My heart is bleeding from the inside out
It oozes out into my bloodstream attacking my system and taking control
My body is empty nothing to make me go on
No will to move to many tears I’ve cried I shake like I’m freezing but I just feel numb
Slashed through my body no bandage to heal the wound
Kicked back into a box it’s closed tight I’m surrounded by darkness there’s not a familiar face in sight spiralling deeper into this misery
In spite of what people tell me I can’t help but ignore. I don’t hate him and that’s the problem I can’t forget and it will stay with me forever
Number one has come and gone what’s left for me to do but mourn the end of something I had never had. I had just gotten used to him I was drawn. Runny nose blurry eyes rejection takes over and the questions start why who what when where and how what did I do did I do something wrong? I can’t go to sleep but I can’t stay awake
The fucking prick treated me like shit why do I care if this is it?
Tears burn my face like drops of acid rolling down my cheeks
Going round in circles my destination lost
Yearning for vengeance I must settle the score
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