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by vikkki
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Its about the existence of God and reasoning, the blind faith of the people of the world.
There is at least a majority of people, reading this work, who has doubts about the existence of God.I would like to question to any one of you.~0~ Have any one of you experianced the existence of God?Have you seen one?~1~ Do you feel fooled and betrayed when you are being mislead by godmen?~2~
Or have you at one point of time of your life questioned your conscience about that 'SUPER BEING' that controls or mis-controls your life?~3~

There have been various philosophers who have worked their grey cells while finding this answer.One of whom is Epicurius, the Greek philosophers.~4~ Acording to him, Gods are mere illusions that one sees and he rightly assists his theory with the atomic theory.(For further details you can assess the electronic version of philosophy at the net).~5~

He further adds, if They were to have existed, then They are least bothered about us,humans.They must be merry making and not aloof of our existence.~6~

So, the basic and the first question that comes to our minds is :If HE/SHE exists why is HE/SHE invisible?~7~

"because we are sinning all the time "~8~
Ok I don't deny that.~9~

" because its their wish"~10~

some nerd may say " the sugar and water solution theory"
So, you mean to say Gods are Sugar, sweet poison, harming man in the long run.

Being a erson from the 21st century and techno savvy, I always apply science and its laws to clear any one of my doubts.

So the foremost question that 'rises like a bubble
from the bottom of a boiling jar full of water is, "Does science has the answer for IT?"
No dear it doesn't...................

........ continued in next draft.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/935507