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Love's first kiss...
Lover's Seal

Thou knewest well how I did feel
when touched was I by lover's seal.
A gentle press upon mine eyes
then sweet caress to bring forth sighs.

From heated lips is wrought new passion
and entwined arms...lover's fashion.
Welcome thou wanton sinful taste
of mingled tongue from kiss unchaste!

Thou knowing eyes invade mine soul...
bring forth desires much untold.
Soft flesh doth tremble from such sight
and body begs for lover's might.

Yearning waxes, excited quiver...
thou probing touch incites sweet shiver.
For maidenhead grows molten hot
though...afeard knowing I am caught.

Lover mine thou hath claimed mine heart
and thou knewest well what you did start.
So offer I myself to you
to give and take in all you do.

Thine lover's seal thus sealed my fate
both lost and found in heathen state.
But need you I to feel thine touch
while fingers shake to crave so much.

For thou knewest well how I did feel
when touched was I by lover's seal.
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