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by Tyler
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funny written for science class
The Protist Worldwide Wrestling
The Evil Euglenoid
The Punishing Paramecium

As Reported By: Tyler Gabbard

In this corner we have the Evil Euglenoid and over here we have the Punishing Paramecium! The Paramecium is single-celled protist, but he has no need to worry, because so is the Euglenoid. They both also have contractile vacuoles and are consumers, so that makes the playing field pretty even.
The Paramecium throws out a punch by using his two nucleuses, macro- and micro-, against the Euglenoid's one nucleus. That brings the score to Paramecium-1 Euglenoid-0. Both can be animal-like, but the Euglenoid also has the benefit of being plant-like. Now it's a tie game. Then the sun rose outside the arena and the Euglenoid was able to use it's chloroplats to perform photsynthesis, which the Paramecium is not able to do, and make double the amount of energy he was making before. This allowed the Euglenoid to knock the Paramecium off it's cilia, gaining himself a point. Making the score: Paramecium-1 Euglenoid-2. When the Paramecium was back on his cilia he ripped out one of the Euglenoid's flagellum and once again it was a tie game. Because the Euglenoid had an eyespot, he could tell where the Paramecium was and hit him with his remaining flagellum, gaining himself a point. Paramecium-2 Euglenoid-3. The referee decided to give the Paramecium three extra points, since it had a food passageway, food vacuole, and anal pore unlike the Euglenoid.
The Paramecium won with a final score of Paramecium-5 Euglenoid-3.

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