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Micro Fiction Contest about a romantic moment
Not In The Mood

I silently entered their bedroom, staying close to the darkness that clung thickly to the walls.

She was in bed, her arm draped sadly over her eyes.

The bathroom door was closed, and the light beamed from under its threshold. From inside, I could hear him gargling like some ill-mannered buffoon.

I quickly crossed the room toward the bed, my eyes drinking in all her loveliness.

Reaching down, I took her hand in mine.

She let out a startled gasp, then bolted upright.

“It’s me,” I said huskily.

“My God, Ryan, are you mad?”

“Yes. Madly in love with you.”

I took her into my arms and held her to me, breathed in her vanilla scent.

She pushed me away.

“Get out of here. He’s going to walk out of the bathroom any second.”

I heard him urinating.

“Not just yet he won’t,” I whispered. “Kiss me.”

She quivered with excitement as I kissed her desperately. My hand played across the front of her silk negligee and lightly caressed her breasts. Her breath grew hot and heavy.

The light blinked out and the doorknob silently turned.

I rushed from the bedside and quickly crossed the room and slipped out of the door.

Her husband entered, graying at the temples and just beginning to go soft in the middle.

“What’s wrong, dear? You look flushed.”

“Oh, nothing, Howard,” she answered stiffly.

“You’re not mad because I let Ryan sleep over, are you? You know, his wife flatly accused him of being in love with another woman, then actually locked him out of their apartment. It’ll just be for a little while, okay? God, the messes people can get themselves into.”

He crawled into bed beside her and lightly kissed her neck. “I’m glad nothing like that will ever happen to us, right kitten?”

"No, of course not."

He pulled her toward him.

“Please...” she said, pulling the covers up around her neck. “Not tonight, Howard. I’m not in the mood.”

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