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A satire about the disfunctions between our district board and our school system.
The Kingdoms Bad Advisors

Imagine if you will a wonderful kingdom that’s far, far away. This kingdom ran wonderfully. People did their jobs and the kingdom was very productive. But than one day the king’s advisors recommended some new programs that they thought would benefit the kingdom. They had no knowledge of the actual benefits that these programs would bring, but surveys in other kingdoms showed success when they implemented these programs. So the king agreed to put all these programs into effect.

Now lets look at what these programs did for the kingdom. We shall look at the common stable hand for our example. For every scoop of manure he shoveled he had to take the weight (in pounds and kilograms), give a description of the origin of waste (including but not limited to gender, coloration, spot configuration, weight, past history, and any prior offenses). If the origin could not be confirmed the stable hands had to run a complex and very specialized test on the manure, and I might add that this test had not been funded yet. All this for just the first scoop.

You are probably beginning to see the problems with the programs. However, whenever anyone tried to complain about these problems, the advisors said that they were not trying hard enough to make the programs beneficial. When enough complaints built up, the advisors implemented more programs to try to “fix” the existing problems. The king thought the kingdom was running great, because he only heard what the advisors told him. Eventually this once happy kingdom slowed to a halt. The inhabitants had to fill out paperwork for every breath they took, and every meal they ate. No work was ever completed, and the people of the kingdom were blamed for these problems. The people moved from the kingdom, and the king was run out by a group of radicals.

You now have some idea of how our teachers feel in our school systems. I am not saying any one will be assassinated, but only that changes must be made. Decisions should not be made from behind a desk without thought of how it will affect the teachers. Nearly every week there are one or two “suggestions” that the District Office wants the teachers to use. At this rate the kids will not receive the kind of education that they deserve. That was the kind of thing one of the policies was supposed to fix. Oops, someone better inform the king.
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