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This is the intro for my latest story. It's going to be written in diary entries.
Chapter One


Today has been awful. I mean truly terrible. Infact probably one of the worst days of my life. For weeks there had been talk of some unknown enemy attacking us. I didn’t take much notice; I never really do with things like that. Mainly because nine times out of ten it’s all talk. Besides, I would never have thought this would happen, I thought they meant bombs and stuff. I guess I really should pay more attention to things like this.

What happened this morning has to go down as one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had. One minute we where taking the register and then the next Miss Moorely was telling us to line up in the hall. When the alarm went off we thought it was a fire drill at first. Then Mr Burberry dropped the bombshell. We’re in the midst of biological warfare. Apparently nearly everyone outside the school is catching terrible diseases and dieing because of them. Apparently we’re lucky. They managed to seal the school off in time and we where all inside when all this kicked off. What’s left of the army are building a wall round us so no one ‘contaminated’ can get in. They should have finished by tomorrow. They seem to think they’re doing us a favour. Yeah because it’s everyone’s ideal situation, to be trapped inside their school. Wondering how they’re family is. Wondering if they’re still alive. I’m so worried about my family and I have no way of getting in touch with them. The phone lines are down and there’s no one to fix them and I left my mobile at home this morning like the idiot I am. I swear I feel like a prisoner. We could be here for a YEAR at the very least! A YEAR! IN SCHOOL! The only halfway decent thing is that there are no lessons. Not that that makes up for not being able to see my family, not knowing how they are.

It’s about half nine in the evening now and we’re all settling down. We’ve got given sleeping bags and stuff to get washed with. Again all courtesy of the army. The only thing I’ve got to be thankful for is that I was going to be sleeping over at Sam’s tonight so I brought my PJs to school. At least I’m not stuck in my uniform like the others! Still, Mr Burberry did mention something about food and clothes packages from the army, we’ll be ok, or I hope we will anyway. I’m sleeping in a corner of the hall with Sam, David, Steve, Hailey, Becca and Terry. I’m really glad I’ve got my mates in this, especially Hailey and my lovely boyfriend sam, don’t know what I’d do without them! I don’t half wish Terry wasn’t here though. The guy’s such a creep. I just know he’ll cause trouble with Sam and me again. The thing is they’re such good mates that Sam always believes what he says. Oh well, I guess I’ve bigger things to worry about that idiots like Terry, like how the hell am I going to get in touch with my family? Oh God I miss them already. I just want to go home!

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