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by LJB
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Dialogue 500 contest entry.
Prompt - Two children have found a dollar bill on the playground. What will they do?

“That was so unfair.”
“It wasn’t.”
“Sure it was. I’d never have gotten out if he hadn’t cheated!”
“And I’d actually have hit the next one if you weren’t yelling so loudly right by my ear. We’ll be back on in a while anyway.”
“As long as he doesn’t cheat again.”
“…as long as you watch the ball rather than Sarah at some point...”
“No, seriously, what?”
Nothing. Sheesh, man, talk about paranoid. I don’t… Hello.
“Check it out. One slightly messed dollar bill, free for the taking. I must have a guardian angel.”
“With a hole in his pocket. Let me see?”
“Hell no.”
“What, you don’t trust me?”
“Not as far as I could fly. I haven’t got back the last three things I let you get your hands on.”
“I lost them, I didn’t steal them. There’s a difference.”
“Uh-huh. Still a no.”
“Aw, c’mon, please, I’ll so give it back this time…”
“Hey, no, wait – augh!”
“…I just…want – oof – to see…it – ngh –”
“Why must you be – leggodammit! – such an…ass- Ow! You bit me!”
“No I didn’t!”
“There’s teeth marks! You’re such a jackass!”
“Well if you’d share…”
“Share? The only thing you’re sharing is your mouth germs, look, I’m bleeding now-”
“You so aren’t. But you shouldn’t get blood on the money, it’s not polite. Here, let me hold it for you while you whine.”
“…you honestly think I’m that stupid?”
“Dunno. You haven’t answered yet.”
“Here’s my answer. Hup!
Hey! Are you crazy?!”
“You chucked it! Right over the fence! Anyone can get it now, you idiot, the gate’s locked!”
“Either calm down, or start climbing. I am going back to the game. You coming?”
“Nothing here now, is there?”
“Game. Fun. Sarah Johnson.”
“…okay, I’ll come.”
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