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A real letter to my 6 year old son
A Letter to My Son - Year 2004

How much have you grown this year? I cannot even describe it. You were a little kindergartener until just this summer. Following a Japanese school and summer camps, and being with new friends, which were all big challenges to you, at the end of August, with great enthusiasm, the day finally came for you to become a first-grader.

Being an elementary-school boy was not so easy for you. “Someone is crying,” the bus driver said on the first day of school, which I will never forget. That was you. You couldn’t find a seat on the school bus and were feeling so insecure. I never thought that I would ride on the bus with you. A few months passed, and now, waving your hand, you ride on the bus, stamping your feet as if you were a little king.

Seeing you off and looking at you looking at me from the bus window, I always wished that you will come back home safely after school.

Your challenges overwhelmed me. Going to school on a school bus, buying lunch at a cafeteria, being nice and helping your friends, learning how to read and write, and following school rules, you’ve done all these things this year! Being proud of yourself, you showed me every Friday that you didn’t get any squares colored. I was so proud too. We have read a lot of books together and shared so many stories.

Thanking you for having shared a wonderful time with me, I wish you every happiness, peace, and all the best for 2005.

Love and blessings to you always,


December, 2004
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