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David and Mark's relationship is consumated.
Part Two: Back When I Dreamed

“Well... Mark,” The way she emphasized Mark made David know she was going to do something sneaky, “are you gay or straight? Just wondering so you won’t leave my friend over here on the rocks.” David felt himself blush, “Wendy! We just met the poor guy and you’re already questioning his sexuality.” Mark gave Wendy a hard, scrutinizing look and brushed back his bangs from his forehead, a habit that David began to find absolutely adorable. “Well... I really don’t like to label my sexuality. Maybe I’m too open-minded to really be able to tell.” He shrugged and leaned back, closer to David. “Oh... I see.” Wendy said in disbelief. “You mean to tell me that it doesn’t matter if you have a dick or a vagina?” “Wendy!” David exclaimed. “I bet you don’t even care if someone has both, right?” She giggled like a little girl and then took another sip of her soda. Mark turned his eyes down and poked around at his uneaten salad.

“I don’t think that’s very fair to judge him like that before you even know him,” David fumed after Mark’s mother gestured for him to leave with her. “Oh... he’s a cool guy, David. I’m sure he knew I was only joking.” She turned away, quickly and began to walk down the board walk. They had skated down there from Pizza-Hut at David’s request. The sun was setting and it merged with the ocean. It colored the foam of the sea a golden color as it rolled on top of the clear blue water and got lost under the waves. The sky was a colorful event that seemingly excited the tourists, all gazing up in awe at the sight that David had always seen. He knew he didn’t pay any attention to it anymore. It was just there for him to gaze out at out his window in thought, or to avoid when too hot. The thought of getting a sunburn on his sensitive skin was not amusing. “Well... I’ve gotta go... don’t be mad at me,” she said as the wind blew through her hair and lifted her black and green striped dress up with it, making it flow almost rhythmically up and down behind her. They hugged and she left David there, with all of the annoying tourists taking photos of the ocean and the odd specialty stores all around them. David reached into his blue-jean pocket and played with a piece of paper with Mark’s phone number on it.

Two things came after David’s meeting with Mark. One was his sudden obsession with his looks. He had spent more time fixing his hair and taking long showers than he had ever before. The other was a budding desire that became more and more apparent as the conversations on the phone with Mark became more in-depth and more intimate. He found, while talking on the phone to him, that he would become aroused. Eventually he masturbated to the sound of Mark’s quiet voice.

“What is that sound in the background?” Mark asked him one late night that they had spent talking to one another. “Oh.. Nothing.” David said as he stopped pumping his fist over his erect member. “Okay..” Mark said disbelievingly. “What did you think I was doing?” David asked. He was most likely going to be found out. They hadn’t seen each other since the day at Pizza-Hut, but David knew they were getting closer by the conversations on the phone. “It sounded like you were wanking off,” Mark laughed. “Well... I wasn’t.. So... Oh. Just forget I said anything.” An awkward silence penetrated the receivers on both phones. “David?” “Yes Mark?”
“Meet me at the Pizza-Hut where I met you tomorrow for lunch.” David answered, perhaps a little too happily, OK. “Cool... well. I need some sleep... and I think they time the phones or something at this hotel I’m staying at. It keeps on beeping over and over.” They both said their goodbyes and goodnights and hung up. David began to move his closed fist up and down again under the covers. The silk blankets covering his penis tickled the head deliciously. He imagined himself pulling off Mark’s clothes slowly and moving back, taking in his thin body. Eating him up with appetent desire. “We’ll be together... forever... we.. Belong.. Together!” At that last word and with a quick thrust into his closed fist, David came, thinking of Mark and only Mark. “Our love is immanent... Or lust is inevitable.” David lay back down on his pillow, dropping the phone on the floor from the height of his bed and upraised arm lazily. Dreams of Mark and only Mark came.

The next morning David got up at around ten o’clock, (an unusually early time for him) and got out of bed to take a hot shower. After rinsing himself off, while singing various songs that came into his mind, he got out and brushed his hair mechanically, making sure every single strand of hair was where he wanted it to be perfectly. He put on a black Spice-Girls shirt that he had worn when he was little because the tightness showed how thin he was. He knew it would catch Mark’s attention, although he didn’t know if he resented the mainstream group from the 90's or not. He put on his favorite pair of pants and his Vans and was off to meet Mark. The sky was dark and ominous, the sign that a storm was on its way. He walked briskly, not used to walking, but knowing he didn’t want to wreck on the way there and get dirty before their first date. He made it to the restaurant and walked inside to a practically empty room. The tourists must have been expecting the worse from the signs outside, he thought. He ordered a Mellow Yellow and took it over to where Mark was sitting. It was the booth where they had met each other. “Hello,” he said as David took a seat across from him. “Hi,” he pulled off his blue-jean jacket, revealing the Spice Girl’s shirt. He felt extremely uneasy about it, but he knew he had too... just to see what reaction it would bring. “Oh my god... I haven’t seen someone wear that shirt since I was in like fifth grade!” he exclaimed. “That’s when I got it.” Mark looked the shirt up and down. “Scary was my favorite. Who was yours?” David was relieved his idea went so well. It brought a different topic to the conversation and stopped him from worrying that Mark was going to ask about the little ‘incident’ on the phone the night before. “Mine was Baby,” he replied, as he took a sip of his pop. “Why didn’t you get a drink?” he asked Mark. “Oh... slipped my mind,” he replied. David offered him some of his and he eagerly obliged, taking a long sip from the straw without wiping it of David’s saliva. “Mmmm.. Mellow Yellow,” he sighed. They talked that day as the rain began to pour of their lives, all of their losses and of the fact that they both had a lot in common. Mark lived in New Orleans, thus his soft voice and slight accent. His mother took him on this vacation to get away from his abusive step father and for a break from all of the fighting that ensued when his mother disagreed with anything her husband had to say. “How long will you be here?” David asked. He didn’t want him to leave. They had just met each other... just opened up the door to each other’s secrets. Mark had never told anyone that his step-dad abused him, for example. “This whole summer.” David was relieved. He’d have more than two months to get to know this beautiful boy. “You bemuse me. You know that?” Mark asked him as lightning briefly lit the room a bright and shocking yellow. “Why is that?” The rain pattered on the windows in the sounds of tiny fists pattering the glass next to their seats. “You are so... like... How can I put this?... You don’t like to show your emotions very well.” David gestured for the waiter to get him a refill. “Huh?” Mark did his habitual hair-swept-off-forehead deal and said, “I know you like me... but you don’t ever try to put a move on me.” David felt his pulse quicken. Oh great! Back to the masturbation. “You want me to put a move on you?” he asked, his voice heavy with sudden excitement. Mark’s full lips mouthed the best word David could ever imagine at that moment. Yes. He leaned across the booth halfway and Mark met him there. Their noses were touching, then their mouths. David gripped the edge of the table with one hand and put his hand on the back of Mark’s head with the other. Mark gripped the sides of the booth tightly. Their eyes were still open as they stared into each other’s eyes and seemingly into each other’s souls. David ran his fingers through Mark’s silky blonde hair. He moaned into David’s mouth as he urged his tongue in. It wasn’t exactly with desperation so much as the fact they were both utterly caught up in the moment. They pulled away. They had too, of course. They were two teenage boys making out in a public place. (No matter how open minded Florida may seem, that can still garner a few stares and looks of disapproval). As they pulled away and fell back into reality, David wondered if the feeling he had felt when kissing Mark was love. It felt different then all of the other times he had made out with Frankie. It wasn’t that he didn’t get turned on when they had been sucking face and fondling each other, it was just that it had never felt so surreal, so dreamlike then it had when he and Mark had kissed for the first time. “Lets go out in the rain,” Mark grinned, wiping his mouth. They left the booth with the drink still on it and ran outside into one of the malicious rainstorms Florida is so well-known for. Both of them were instantly soaked as the rain began to pound even more ferociously than before. “You’re very random,” David said as he pulled Mark to him with both arms. They were standing in the parking lot of the Pizza-Hut. “I know,” he said proudly, “Let’s got to the park over there.” He gestured to the Flower Hill Park sign across the road. It was a hilly area with a few palms growing sparsely along the cobblestone path. He took David’s hand, fingers laced. They walked to the park together and sat down at a bench under a tree that’s shade and shelter was put in vain. The rain poured through the leaves and got them even more drenched. They looked at each other in apparent lust. “I want you to kiss me again,” Mark said in a whisper as he lifted David’s hand and brought it up to his own cheek. Their lips touched once again and they felt free to wrap their arms around each other. No one could have been watching. No one was crazy enough to go outside. But if there were people, David and Mark wouldn’t have noticed so caught up in each other they were. Mark slid his hands down Mark’s drenched back and back up, causing him to shiver a little. Mark lay down on the bench and pulled David on top of him. He knew his erection was obvious on Marks leg, but he didn’t stop. Mark was obviously excited, too. David felt it as he ran his free hand down Mark’s thigh. His other hand was on the back of Mark’s head once again, running his fingers through his wet hair. Their breathing got heavier as they both shivered from the cold rain. “Let’s go back to my hotel room, David,” Mark breathed. He pushed himself up so Mark could sit up. “Okay.” he agreed. He wasn’t inexperienced and he was surely not a virgin. On the cab ride to Mark’s hotel room, David mustered up the courage to ask, “Are you a virgin?” Mark blushed and laughed a little embarrassed, “With boys...” David felt a little better that his one-guy experience was more than Mark’s. He would finally be the one to tell the other person what to do. With Frankie, he had been the less experienced one and was embarrassed time and time again when he did something the ‘wrong’ way. No, David. You’re using your teeth too much. Move a little slower. Don’t do that. It was all a strange nightmare that had turned into a wet dream.
The cab slowed down and Mark paid the fare. David noticed that Mark seemed to have a lot of money. They were staying at the Hilton. As they walked into the lobby, next to each other, but not holding hands and making squeaking sounds with there wet shoes on the white linoleum, David noticed the generic paintings of roses and sunny days that seemed to dominate the walls in golden frames that were most likely fake. The lights were all dim and the lobby was decorated lavishly, but not too over the top. A small chandelier hung from the ceiling, spinning and tinkling as if pushed by an invisible hand. They walked up the stairs that spiraled to the side. On the third floor they got off the landing and walked down a hallway, brushing by a few people now and then. Finally, Mark stopped, “We’re here,” he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a card key. He swiped it in and opened the door to reveal a suite that was obviously for married couples. “Only the best for my mom,” he smiled. “Where is she, exactly?” David asked. “Oh. She’s went shopping with one of her new girl friends. Shouldn’t be back until tonight, knowing her.” David smiled as Mark did. “And what do you think we’re going to do that will take that long?” he asked Mark teasingly, licking his lips and pulling him to him with his wicked and tempting smile. “I’m sure I can think of something...” Mark replied just as obvious with his desire as David. Mark’s doing very well for his first time doing stuff like this with a boy, David thought. His first time with Frankie, he said nothing but yes’s and no’s when he had asked what he wanted to do. Should he ask Mark what he wanted to do? No. That seemed too cheap. Too porno-ish and just too predictable. “Let’s go to my room,” Mark said, pulling David out of his thoughts and back into the almost pitch-black living room. All of the furniture was red leather and a huge fire place was the centerpiece for this tacky romantic furniture. A plasma tv hung on the wall facing the overstuffed couch and chairs. The floor was hardwood and they both almost slipped as they made their way past the living room and bathroom (which from what David could see had a huge white tub, a nice-sized shower, two sinks, and a vanity, complete with movie star light bulbs surrounding the mirror.) and into Mark’s room. It was the guest room for the married couples that stayed here, but was just as big as David’s room, and more heavily furnished than his living room. The four-poster bed was draped with black silk and velvet blankets and sheets. “I brought those from New Orleans,” Mark said when he noticed David eyeing them. “My mom bought them at an antique store a few months ago.” There were overstuffed pillows covering the bed, surrounded by gothic-style carvings of cherubs on the posts. Mark looked at the bed, then at David as he walked over to the bathroom that connected to the guest room. The light was on, but it was rather dim and filled the room with strange shadows as David followed suit and walked into the bathroom. “We’re drenched,” Mark grinned. “Thanks. I didn’t know, David replied sarcastically. “You asshole! I’m trying to get you to make a suggestion.” Suggestion? Oh. He wanted him to suggest they take off their clothes. I’m such a fucking idiot, he thought, then said, nonchalantly, “Oh, I’m so cold, Mark. Dry me off,” porn-star acting and all. Mark laughed, “Well then, let’s get you out of those clothes. They’re soaked through.”

Mark was shivering a little as lighting struck once again, followed by the rumbling thunder. The rain was still pounding, the wind still monstrous, as it seemed to find its way through cracks in the window and made whistling sounds against the high building. Mark pulled off his shirt. He tried to do it like he was used to taking off his clothes in front of people, but his head got caught in the head of the shirt that was meant for an eleven-year-old, not a high-school student. He groaned as he finally got it off and said, “One of the disadvantages of tight clothing.” Mark pulled of his shirt, too. The light shown golden on his pale skin. David immediately felt himself go hard at the sight. “Well David,” Mark said, wrapping his arms around him. They felt shockingly cool and smooth on his back, “your move.” David wrapped his arms around Mark, too. They were entangled in each other and both were still soaked and cold. David knew he probably felt just as cold as Mark did, but he felt the area surrounding his groin warming up. “My move?” David asked through chattering teeth and humid Florida air. “Yes... your move,” Mark breathed, spreading his fingers on David’s back and running them down just above his ass. Where his fingers touched, they left a cool, tingling sensation behind. “Okay. Let’s.. Let’s.” Mark laughed softly, running his fingers just barely under the spandex of David’s boxers, “Let’s what?” Mark pushed himself against David, letting him no he was just as aroused as him. “Let’s take off the rest of our clothes,” he said in one breathe. This wasn’t going as good as he thought it would. Mark was being the one who seemed to know what to do. But for some reason David felt a little nervous that if he did something wrong, Mark wouldn’t like him any more. Might as well take a chance, he thought, his bravery overcoming cowardice. David let go off Mark and walked back a little. When he was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, he began to unbutton his pants. One. Two. Three. He pulled them down to his knees, then lifted each foot, letting them fall on the floor in a puddle of water. His white boxers were soaked through. David knew Mark could see the outline of his hard penis. The head poked through the button, showing just a little tease of flesh. David pulled off his socks, nearly falling in the process, but Mark didn’t laugh. When David looked up, expecting to see him laughing, or at least smiling, he saw that he was staring at him with his mouth open just a little. His eyes scoped David’s body up and down. “What?” David asked, a little worried why he was staring at him like that. “You’re beautiful,” Mark replied. “I want to see you... completely.” David felt himself blush a little. He pulled off his soaked boxers and placed them in the wet pile with his socks and jeans.

Mark walked over to David, “Take mine off for me,” he said. “Let’s get on the bed first,” David replied as he led Mark to the bed that looked so inviting at a time like this. They both sat down at the end of the bed. The silk felt cool against his cool skin and he almost gasped with pleasure. “Lay back,” he told Mark. Mark obeyed, resting his head on one of the many mult-colored pillows at the head of the bed. David straddled him and ran his fingers down Mark’s sides. He bent over to lick his nipples, teasing and hardening them until Mark moaned. He began to unbutton his pants, but no. That wouldn’t do. David grabbed his hands and forced them back. David pulled himself down so he could lick lower. Past the bellybutton licking Mark’s happy trail until he made it to the top of his jeans. He moved back up. “What?” Mark asked, frustrated. “The longer it takes the better it will be in the end,” David said, running his tongue back up to his bellybutton. Poor Mark, David thought and smiled, he’s probably leaking pre-cum. “Okay. I’ll take your word for it.” David pushed his fingers through Mark’s hair and ran his fingers slowly down the scalp. He moaned, but tried to suppress it. “You like your hair played with, don’t you?” David asked him, his hot breath on Mark’s stomach. He let go with one hand and moved it down to Mark’s pants. Pop went the button. Down went the zipper. And out popped little Mark, which wasn’t really little considering it was bigger than David’s six inches. He had been right. It was poking through the hole in his boxers and the head and the shaft were completely covered in the sticky fluid. David wrapped his hand around the shaft, causing Mark to groan once again. “I might come as soon as you start,” he breathed hardly. “Hold it back as long as you can,” David said, then licked up the shaft and over his hand, tasting the bitter and salty and sweet all mixed up in one. “Oh my fucking god!” David began to pump his fist up and down up and down, slowly, for he knew what Mark had said was true. He also knew his own dick was covered in pre-cum now. “He put his mouth on the head and licked around where it met the shaft as his hand pumped rhythmically. Mark breathed harder and harder. David looked up as he was doing this and saw Mark’s blue eyes staring into his. He licked the narrow slit at the top of his penis and felt the whole penis move as more pre-um spilled out. He loved the taste of it in his mouth. It seemed to taste even better when it was Mark’s. He removed his hand and lowered his face down to where his lips touched the base of his penis. His nose was in Mark’s curly blonde pubes. He pulled his head up and down, letting his tongue circle around the shaft. He knew that Mark was almost there. His breathing became faster, more harsh and his legs went straight. He went faster as Mark stretched out under him and with a thrust into David’s mouth, came. David felt the warm and salty liquid spirt out in three squirts and dribble down his throat. “Fuck,” Mark groaned. David lifted his head up and let Mark lay down for a while. Still high on orgasm. “God, David. That was better than any time with a girl doing it. How can you do it so good?” David laughed, “Because I’m a boy, too and I know how guys like it.” Mark finally propped himself up on the pillow he had been laying on and looked at David, “Want me to return the favor?”
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