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A failed attempt to pen the virtuous Bush. Woe as me; Woe as us all. Tried to be funny.
A Failed Attempt to Pen A Virtuous Bush

He is a distinguished dresser.
His suits are said to cost at least as much as any of Condi’s
Bush is not a Weatherman, but without a doubt
He has done a fine snow job on this entire Nation since 2000.

He married a pretty librarian, who plays a saint to his sinner.

He courts corporate sponsorship like drug manufacturers court the FDA.

Bush has the tenacity of a used car salesman.
Tenacity is listed as being one of several old Roman private Virtues.
Is there anyone who believes used car salesmen are virtuous?

This President has an exceptionally nice jet.
What kind of security clearance is required for that maintenance job?
And who said, “Every man has his price.”
It is obvious that the skilled workers that keep Bush’s ass in the air do.

Tricky Dickey, he’s not.
Doubt he can, or would ever try to workout to a Jane Fonda dance video.
Wonder if he knows of Abbie Hoffman?
But as I live and breath
I believe he
Memorized the book

This man’s burglars are more stealth than those of Watergate ever tried to be.
Who else could have ever electronically rigged a national election?

In 1971, Nixon had his Whitehouse plumbers to ferret out leaks.
Today, forget about it being a felony,
the Whitehouse leaks begin and end with orders from Bush
Just ask Valerie Plame.

Surely, everyone has heard of Bush’s Faith based initiative?
But, have you heard of Dominion Theology?
Gale Norton is Bush’s Secretary of the Interior, and she served Reagan too.
And if these people believe it, isn’t that like letting a fox guard a hen house?
Ever heard Christians speak of the Rapture?
Bush’s environment record is evidence enough of his beliefs and intentions.

Have you ever heard the catch phase “starve the beast”?
Which David Stockman, Reagan’s first budget director, coined?
Starving the Beast
It is Bush’s, and the radical right’s plan to return America to what it was before Franklin Roosevelt became President.
This is not a conspiracy theory. It is not paranoid theory.
This has been a Republican leitmotif for decades.

The men who become a President in America are educated, as are their friends, families, associates, sponsors, and whoever else, by any other name.
They are
Educated, powerful, and unimaginably, filthy rich,
But all of that does not mean that any of them are really intelligent.

Bush’s appetite for money and power is painfully obvious.
As President, Bush is changing every aspect of how our government has ever worked.
Bush was a History Major, who admits he learned nothing at Yale.
It has been a long held truth
If a person learns nothing from history, they are bound to repeat the same mistakes.

Bush is an architect.
His designs are shady.
To my way of thinking, the plans he is selling are
Somewhat similar to the way the Emperor was sold his new clothes.

He is made to appear to be a skilled orator.
Telling Americans what he wants us to hear.
Wherein lies the flaw?
Not all of us are stupid, and some of us learned to read
Before he implemented his “No Child Left Behind”

Oh, I am sorry. You didn’t know. It is not a law.
“No Child Left Behind” is Bush’s optional federal program, which
When the school your child attends meets minimum standards,
Then and only then,
Will the school your child attends get federal funding.
Oh, you didn’t know.
The minimum standards are impossible to meet.

I have heard it said that power corrupts.
Lately I have come to believe that statement is incorrect.
It should be said,
Power attracts the corrupt.

What do we know of this man called Bush?
He admitted he learned nothing at Yale.
He walked on a beech with Billy Graham,
And since, he has been quoted as saying.
God appointed him,
And he couldn’t do his job as President if God did not speak through him.
Bush is a Christian fundamentalists dream president.


My attempt at meeting Jessiebelle’s challenge.

George W. Bush is responsible for the dishonesty, and deception in his Administration. It is too deliberate, calculated, and measured to be consider just a mistake, a misunderstanding, or a miscommunication:


Allen Greenspan announced that there could be a consumption tax, collected as a National sales tax, and this new consumption tax will probably be the way to ease the debt concerns created by Social Security Reform, and Medicare.

A consumption tax is not new; it is Bush’s interpretation of a consumption tax that is deeply troubling me. Educate yourselves about consumption taxes. Just Google it.

Canada uses the consumption tax system. Given Bush’s track record, with his reforms and revisions to date, along with his administration - that I have no confidence in. The idea of converting to a consumption tax system works in many countries. I fear that Bush will try to add this to our current tax system, instead of it being a replacement tax system.

Somewhere in the Bible it says something about giving what is Ceasar's to Ceasar, but I don't remember the Bible saying anything about letting Ceasar take it all, or give it all to Ceasar, do you?
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