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A poem with a bitter aftertaste
I am wonderful, popular and loveable with it
I am brilliant at everything I do
But make sure you tell me again and again
Or I might just get angry with you

[i]Oh Mistress so brilliant,
Let me lay at your feet
Let me praise you and worship your talent
For we are not worthy
Of someone so swarthy
So clever and witty and gallant [/i]

You can tell me you love me
As much as you like
I can use all the praise I can get
For I am the best at whatever I do
But I need to be told more yet

[i]Oh wonderful poetess
You are truly the best
The rest are but pale imitations
Your words are not rivaled
By Byron nor Keats
You show up their limitations
Let me lick at your feet
Let me suck at your soul
Let me fawn over all you survey
For I know your worth as
I know your soul and
I relish the stench of decay [/i]

Oh flatter me more my lapdog please
I deserve all the praise I can get
Applaud me and stroke some warmth into bones
That have little of honesty left
For I am alone with no talent at all
And all I can do is rave
So flatter me please, give my ego the boost
Drip the honey of which I so crave

[i]I will praise the afflictions
You sling at the world
I shall stoke up the fires of descent
I shall spread your disease
Across all seven seas
And belittle all those who are decent
For I don’t have the brain to think for myself
I don’t have much of a life
Your lavatory wit makes me quiver and shake
You charm me with all of your shit
You can stroke me too because I am you
I haven’t the wit to be pleasant
And when you have done we shall
Look in the glass and
see if we still have reflections.[/i]
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