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The sites and sounds we see and hear raise images forever etched in our minds.

Once upon a dream
I saw a cake of coconut cream,
A cloud of soft white fluff,
Smoke that went up like pink puff,
Candlelight all aglow,
Pastel flowers all in a row,
Silky soft evening gowns,
Big cities and sleepy towns.

Once upon a dream
I heard the babbling of a stream,
The call of a lone whip-o-the-will,
The sound of rain upon the sill,
The crackling of a cozy fire,
The blow out of a tire,
Melodies from dreamy love songs,
Sighing winds playing on the lawns,
Waves washing over the sea,
Hummings of a busy bee.

Once upon a dream
I saw far journeying ships of steam,
Old-fashioned ways of times long gone,
Sunset colors as twilight lingers on,
An angel with a halo,
A firefly all aglow,
A rainbow softly fading out of sight,
The moon in a star filled night.

Once upon a dream
I heard a hideous scream,
Sounds of whispers low,
Thanks for blessings God did bestow,
The sound of a kiss upon a mother’s tender cheek,
Drips from a faucet leak,
The sound of a child with a tear,
A mother’s comforting, “Don’t cry, dear.”

Once upon a dream,
So long ago it seems,
I saw, I heard so many things
From drippy faucets to angels’ wings,
From silks and satins white,
To slaves and a horse with a knight,
From childhood’s little girl ways,
To all the many future days
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