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Please help us stop the hunting of domesticated cats!
March 10,2005

Mr. Paul Scott Hassett, Secretary
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
101 S. Webster Street, AD/5
Madison, WI 53703

Dear Mr. Hassett,

I am writing in regards to the vote being taken on April 11,2005 on the killing of countless cats in your state.

I find it unreal that I’m even writing a letter about this subject in the year 2005. Many family pets wander the neighborhoods and to allow hunters the free hand of killing any cat they find outdoors is disgusting and unconscionable! This is only going to cause pain and suffering to countless family pets.

Instead of this law, you should be passing stronger laws on spaying and neutering. That’s where the problem is... not a cat watching a bird in Mr. Mark Smith’s yard!

I have 5 cats and they are my family! We feed birds, too. But part of watching and enjoying them is seeing how they adapt to their surroundings. The birds have never needed our help with interference by gunpowder to survive before! Cats watching birds is nature, completely unlike hunters hunting domestic cats!

What Mr. Smith is proposing is another excuse for hunters to play with their guns and it is not necessary! To even consider this is just unreal. Mr. Smith is nothing more than a cat hater!

Just because Mr. Smith isn’t a cat lover does not give him the right to shoot someone's pet!

If the hunters are allowed to vote on this, where does it stop? Does a dog ever wonder into Mr. Smith’s yard? Will he come back next year and ask for a license to kill dogs?

This has to be stopped NOW! This letter will be posted on Writing.Com (http://www.Writing.Com), the largest online writing community with over 300,000 members. I will do my best to have every single one of those members read my letter and become aware of what is going on in your state of Wisconsin.

This proposal needs to be stopped!

Thank you,


*Note1* PLEASE!!! Everyone reading this, please, take a moment of your time to write a letter to both of the addresses provided below. Help us stop this proposal from becoming a law!

Even if you are not a cat lover... you know this is not right.

So..please help us help the cats!

Governor Jim Doyle
Office of the Governor
115 East State Capitol
Madison, WI 53702
608-267-8983 (FAX)

Mr. Paul ScotHassett, Secretary
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
101 S. Webster Street
Madison, WI 53703

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