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by Reason
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Too Much Time On Our Minds
A Little About PONDER

         Ponder is a strange word, but it is a fun word to say. Paaw-nnnn-durrrr. What is it when we ponder? It’s not daydreaming. It’s not relating. I really don’t think it's rational. The dictionary explanation is: to weigh in the mind: appraise or to think about: reflect. Well, I don’t think I am appraising something if I ponder it nor am I weighing it. How can I appraise something, or weigh it if it has no consequence. Now this is something to ponder.

         The other day I saw a worm in the gutter. It was wet out because it had rained, so that wasn’t unusual. The unusual thing was, that after it had rained, it snowed four inches. This worm was only seen, by my perceptive eye, because the snow in that spot had melted. I thought (oops, I meant pondered) about why this worm wandered from the dirt, onto the concrete, and didn't scurry back when it felt the temperature drop.

         Perhaps there was another worm, across the street, that was in heat. Sexual desires do drive all species to do extreme feats (even though this one failed). My scientific mind wandered across the street. I kicked the snow around but, to my amazement, no worms. I pondered that it may have gotten drunk, out of a nearby beer can, and passed out.

         I continued walking when, to my astonished eyes, I found another worm that I decided to pass by. Then, a few feet farther, low and behold, a nightcrawler! I just about fell over in amazement. The excitement was too much! My heart was racing. What in the world is going on here? They were apparently dead due to exposure, so getting an answer out of them was not an option. They were all on the same side of the street, so I ruled out sex. If they were all on the same side couldn’t they just as easily met underground? Well, I pondered, while I continued walking to work, when my ponder changed. What excuse was I going to give my boss, for being late to work? I don’t think a horny worm excuse would work.

         You can ponder about anything. That’s what makes pondering one of the greatest achievements of the human mind's evolution. The difference between pondering, and daydreaming, is that you are not in a duhh trance stage.

I ponder a lot about actions I have made:

         * Perhaps that skunk wouldn't have squirted me if I would have just walked around it, instead of kicking it.

         * Maybe if I would have watched that rock, I threw in the air, I wouldn't have ended up in the hospital for a week

         We can ponder about ponder. Well, I have to end this now. So much to ponder so little time. All this pondering has worn me out. I need a nap.
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