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A young boy beseeches a lady visiting an orphanage

Ma’am, will you kindly take me
Out of this orphanage?
I hope you find suitable
My color, looks and age.

I won’t trouble you ever,
I’ll be obedient.
I have been taught pretty well
To be subservient.

I’ll gladly eat what you give,
Even less than I get.
I won’t ask you for more food;
I will not cry or fret.

I’ll never steal a penny,
Nor ask for any toys.
Ma’am, you will find that I am
Not same as other boys.

I somehow feel that you are
Just like my own mother,
I’ve never seen or known her
Yet I dream about her.

Her face, like yours, is gentle,
Glowing with a kind smile,
Different from my master’s,
That’s full of evil guile.

Will you, please, take me out of
This place called beggars’ home?
Or, will you, too, just pass by,
Leaving me here, alone?

* Written in abcb 7-6-7-6 format.

* Awarded second prize in the Opposite Emotions contest, "The Opposite Emotions Contest, August 2006

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M C Gupta
22 March 2005
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