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3/05 Follow your dreams kid and always do what you love.
It starts with a thought-
a silly hobby.
Use it to pass time,
blow off steam,
and/or engage friends.
Sometime comes when you realize
you're pretty good,
eventually better than everyone you know
and at least on par
with what you've seen
outside your broken half-circle.
So you work.
Improve. Expand. Practice. Build.
Not only is it yours,
it becomes you.
Your humble pride begins to swell
You've found freedom within
from what has left you out
and circulated it
into your universe,
for use at your own discourse.
You've not merely won,
but created a dynasty in positive proportions.
Ingredients are more than hard work;
your talents, once marked and scarred,
when exercised hand you
a grace to overcome your detractors
and turn their hurt into your wit,
determination, skill and chance
to overwhelmingly succeed.
It doesn't happen overnight,
for forever's rewards take immeasurable
but not infinite
time to earn.
It starts with a thought-
a silly hobby.
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