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One of my thoughts on death. A lullaby that will bring you rest.
The Dolphin
By: DT

The wind hastens, moving the clouds.
Before I can realize anything else,
here I stand, upon a cliff above an ocean.
There is no light beyond the horizon.

Only the wind caresses me, wiping away tears that return...
Tears... that fall from my face into the thirsty sea.
Only the waves invite me, sing the sweetest of lullabies,
the song that only the infinite sky can listen to.

I close my eyes, thinking of nothing for a moment,
Listening to the waves as they crash on the shore.
I open my eyes, with distant memories returning,
trying to make sense of each and every one.

I gaze out to the endless ocean, listening to its unsung melody,
Its silent hymn touches my soul, and fills my heart with sweet grief.
The ocean shimmers, as if trying to grasp a dream, a memory...
A single thought to hold dear forever... just like me...

I turn away from the sea, and feel myself begin to fall,
with arms wide open, into the deepest end of everything.
The wind cradles me gently, slowing my descent,
and from her arms, I was taken by the sea.

My body no longer feels alive, and yet it does not matter.
The ocean's sweet words of silence hushes me,
her gentle arms sway me here and there, lulling me,
as I see faint rays of light fall from the surface.

As I fall deeper and deeper into her eternal embrace,
the ocean turns blue, a light from within her glows...
A gentle warmth encompasses my lifeless vessel...
I can feel the breath from my lungs escape.

The air from my body exits, and begins to rise,
The bubbles spread and fly like a thousand birds.
They shimmer in the underwater sky like the brightest stars.
Here I lie on the ocean floor, the gentle bed where I shall sleep.

And before my eyes closed forever,
a creature circled above me,
as if to bid me goodnight, and farewell...

...It was a dolphin.
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