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One of the first things I think to myself when I begin a novel is what a fictional "character" could be like, how he or she feels, smells, touches, motivates me, loves me, hates me, gives me happiness or sadness. . . As with any icon, each character must stand out as a quality part of a piece of writing work when it comes to naming them and their interweavings with plot and dialogue.. They must be worthy to write about.

A character can do all sorts of things. It can enhance, villainize, make sharp contrasts, even act like a super hero or heroine. What gives a character staying power is its sense of flexibility, by how a character can last through the entire piece. Can they keep a plot suspenseful? At least, be useful.

Many times I have asked myself what can I DO with a character while I speak in terms of endearment or fears of ignorance for them.. Some of the characters in my first novel years ago flew through my head and became superhuman. Now I am interested in honing characters. In some of my short stories that I penned, I was ever closer to real live characters. Based on people I really knew or myself. Publish America has mentioned to its members that characters in books are often autobiographical first and in sequential books are less so; however the texture of people you know, I feel, will always remain.

No doubt that, at times, the amount of characters a writer uses can really enhance a novel. The great books place "iconoclastic" characters in their novels, and for an image become classic avenues for people to take heart and follow role-play with. A character like "Jane Eyre" graces the title of a classic novel, as well as "Eugenie" by George Sand, for examples. The development of a total woman is involved in these sorts of novels and the character-at-large becomes all encompassing.

Yes, my ideas of characters have all been based on many things. They may be lively,soulful, filled with tears or smiles, trustworthy, unscrupulous, loving, or evil. In the end, characters make real what the author will always want to do and that is make life and living a grand opera.
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