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The good, the bad, and the Southern about living in the Deep South
Inspired by the commercials for Turner South. (Turner South is the name of a television station -Ted Turner)The following are rants, opinions, observations of living in 'My South' otherwise known as 'Robin's South' or sometimes referred to as 'iamrobinsouth'

Begin each bullet with the words:
In My South:

*Bullet* All self-respecting southerners drink iced tea. AKA "sahweet teah". Personally, I drink green tea on ice, no sugar added. However, only my closest of friends know this.

*Bullet* Another fav drink is Coke, commonly referred to as 'co-cola'. Even if you are sipping on a Sprite, or Mellow Yellow, it's still called a 'co-cola'

*Bullet* I know of no one who drinks Pepsi. Okay, so I know a few. Do I have to admit I'm one of them? It's that Max that got me.

*Bullet* It's important to call women of authority 'ma'am'. Furthermore, if you really want or need something, saying the word 'Miss' before her first name is always a plus. Personally, I like this and am more likely to lean in your favor if you call me, Miss Robin.

*Bullet* You can attend the wedding of a family member, held during the 7th inning stretch of an Atlanta Braves baseball game.

*Bullet* The word "fixin'" means about to do...getting ready for, as in "We are fixin to go out and eat." We will be leaving soon, to go out and eat.

*Bullet* Grits. Not just a breakfast food. Grits can be eaten anytime of the day or night.

*Bullet* I know the difference between a southerner, hick, redneck, and "being country"

*Bullet* "Ya'll come back now ya hear" really means, Get a life, go visit some other relatives, and if you do show your face around here, make sure you call first before dropping by.

*Bullet* All fathers are called "Daddy" even by their fifty-four year old sons.

*Bullet* Southern hospitality can oddly be disguised as southern hypocrisy. Familiarity is needed to distinguish the difference.

*Bullet* Hugging is a very accepted form of greeting friends and even fairly new acquaintances - regardless of gender.

*Bullet* Adding the words "bless his heart" after an obvious insult practically erases the malice intent.
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